Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Don’t forget to sleep man :wink:


he doesnt have to sleep :slight_smile:
he have to work on the challenge :slight_smile: and he knows it ahahahah Im his coach, favorite coach i think ahahahah :bounce: good luck coco :wink:


Lemog! Nice to see you join.
Too bad you will not be joining the 2d one. Oh well. Good luck.


Holy crap!!! Already 3 pages of good wishes!!! Well, I might as well get in line…Good Luck Lemoggie!!! :wavey::beer::arteest::bowdown::wip:;):cool:

Cheers! :slight_smile:



Good luck lemog!


Hi L man.Just wanted to say,Yeeeeehaaaaa.im happy like a newborn.
seeya arround my friend,my good cg friend.


hi laurent…was sure you gonna join…well good luck :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
sure i’ll gonna have an eye on you like last time:beer:


Bienvenue Lemog!

Best luck!


Good luck Lemog :smiley:


Bonne chance Lemog :slight_smile:


ok man…u know a challenge is not complete if your art is not there…u really always show a great talent and creativity…im so happy youre here again…ill be following!


Happy to see u in my friend! Ready for Battle?


Heureux de te revoir, Lemog

et bonne chance a toi


Your challenge post is going to be cool I definately got to subscribe to this thread :wink:



Welcome to the challenge.Hopefully I’ll can afford the time to participate.But I am so glad to see you here.:slight_smile:
And good luck!:thumbsup:


Good morning!
I thought perhaps you might need som of these :scream:

Good luck with your concept :wavey:


Bon, ça vient ? va pas me faire croire que tu as dormi cette nuit ! Le sketch, le sketch, le sketch !

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

So, When will it come ? Don’t tell me that you sleep last night? We want the concept sketch ! We want it now !


No prob my friend… I don’t forget to put a slip on my head… what ? :scream:

you are not a little bit afraid ? :scream:

Thanks, for the moment, it’s too early for the statement, but if I have the chance to have enough time, I would be registered with pleasure with the challenge 2d.

Thanks for the support Rebecca… but you know, I’m playing only for meetcakes :smiley:

Thanks Ali :thumbsup:

Thanks Damir… I’m happy to see you here… I don’t find your thread for the moment ? You don’t participate ? :sad:

I can resist for a long time you know :banghead:


mosconariz -> Thanks… see you mate

Agamemnwn -> Always great pleausure to see you here Jannis.

dd_005 -> Merci dd :beer:

Your words touch me a lot Jorge… perhaps “art” is a too strong word for my pictures, but one thing is sure, I’m another time very happy to be here with you all.

Climax -> Hey Omar… always fan of the Nut Touch ? hahaha :scream:

ar Lutik -> Merci… à toi également Gérard. :wavey:

Yongkiat -> Thanks to follow this thread. :slight_smile:

adel3d -> I hope you can find time to participate too… As you already know, I very appreciate your works !

Gunilla -> Oh Dear… you’re so pretty to give me some neurons… I really needed some :twisted: haha

Gpepper -> so of course, I’ve thinking to the subject, and slept nevertheless, I become old you know.
I have several ideas, but for the moment, I really like only one, but it’s a little special, and right at the border of the subject. It will still be necessary to wait. :shrug:


Hi Laurent. Yes, another challenge to get stuck into and hopefully this time I will complete it! Good luck. Claireabella