Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


et boom !
c’est parti ! coco est en route ! :stuck_out_tongue: attention devant ça risque de faire mal : le sujet lui plait :slight_smile:

bonne chance mon grand, tu vas déchirer sur ce challenge, je le sais … je le sens :smiley:

And boom!
It left! coco is on the way ! :stuck_out_tongue: watch out that risks to hurt: the subject pleases him :slight_smile:
Good luck my lolo, you are going to tear on this challenge, I know it … I feel it :smiley:




Hi Lemog! Nice to see you here once again :wink:
looking forward for your progress, good luck :thumbsup:


Good luck laurent. It’s a big challenge coming.


Ahhh … the challenge is only hours old and your thread is already full :scream:

Have fun Laurent :wavey:


Good Luck!
Waiting first screens. :thumbsup:


The Lemog! Subscribing to wish you much fun. Its always a pleasure to watch you work.


Hi Laurent, i’m glad to see you in this new challenge
J’attend avec impatience ce que tu vas encore nous proposer cette fois si, je pense que le spectaculaire va t’inspirer encore une image bien à toi


Good luck for this new challenge, … i’m happy to see that you haven’t hesitate this time … and especially don’t forget the amazing bonuses you usually gave us in your past challenges (wallpaper, a video making of, … and much more !) :thumbsup:


What a support, thanks a lot all my friend… I don’t think to be the only one without ideas for the moment… and I have actually much works…
…I will certainly devote a couple of hours this night to think to this Spectacular topic… :scream:

…and best wishes for you all :thumbsup: certainly another time a lot masterpiece in this challenge… have fun :wavey:


I know Im going to be subscribing here. Good luck man!


bon chance bon chance :slight_smile:

just subscribed to your thread and pm ed you gg. i wish you the best of luck and am curious what you will do out of the theme.


Lemog, you rock man, your last challenge was great to watch and me thinks I’ll really enjoy this one too;)


You’re right my friend, the must important here, it’s certainly the recreation… and just after, or in the same line, the pleasure to learn a lot for our passion.

Then, if I don’t find a good subject, but that I begin nevertheless, I think of not forgetting the fun, the small pleasant moments, and especially bonuses and others wallpapers.

I would try to make a challenge before all for the happiness of the eyes, it’s my principal goal. :bounce:


good luck. hope you ll find time to do it! And I hope I will find time for mine too LOL. I like your work a lot!


hey dude… goodluck, you’re going to have fun with this one


Subscribed. Best of luck, mate. :slight_smile:


recreation --> we musn’t do the mistake with procreation :rolleyes: (one of your favorite subject, no ?) :smiley:

One more time, on the road ajeun

good luck Lemog !


Good luck Lemog, i hope to see an another great picture from…

Du blabla du blabla… et le sketch alors il est ou? :wink:


now how dry would a CGtalk challange feel if the Nut King Lemog didnt joined!! this is awesome!! spice it up man… best of luck to ya!! :thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock: :wip:


Thanks a lot guy… if you find some spare time, thanks to think to rent me a little part :bounce:

Je pense que tu commences à me connaître… ça va pas être facile de rien boire pendant 3 mois… et il faut absolulent que je trouve une idée avant la fin… :scream:
I think that you start to know me… that will be not easy for me to don’t drink for 3 months… and it’s necessary that I find an idea before the end…

Poonks -> Where is the sketch you said ? mmmmh sorry mate, for the moment… I don’t have time to start (to my great despair)
… I hope to can this week… be patient :rolleyes: hahahaha
Anyway, thanks Cédric to be here.