Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


[b]The two community prize-winners are:

[/b]Name: [b]Laurent antoine lemog /b
Prize: Luxology modo 201

Name: [b]James Kaufeldt /b
Prize: E-on Software Vue 5 Infinite

I was shure of this!

(I told you so!)


Thank you again Lenut!


Yay hugs Frenchie congrats on the community award, you really deserved it! I mean look at this thing alone haha, 207 pages…you loony. We love you!


Hi Antoine,

Nice to see that you get the com. AWARD… well deserved! :thumbsup:

And thanks a lot 4 your kind words! You know… what matters is the fun part of it, and the whole family behind it.

There are a lot of adventures we have to challenge.
About me… I´m going to marry my girlfriend in Februar! that´s my biggest adventure until now!

Have fun my Friend!
:beer: :bounce: :beer:


So we have another winner! :beer:

Bravo Alex:beer:!


Thanks my Friend!


Congrats again, my furry friend … “Lemog the Pet”? :scream:

I really expected you to get it already for the previous challenge, so this was no big surprise.

You’re the best :bowdown::beer::love:


Hi Monsieur lemog,

Gongratulations my friend, you really did a great work and to me was a pleasure know you and your work:bowdown: . See you in the next challenge.:thumbsup:



Congratulations for community prize-winners !!!

You Win!!!


Congrats on the community award, couldn’t have come to a more fitting person :thumbsup:



wow! CONGRATULATIONS:applause: :applause: :applause: . there was no doubt that your contribution would go unnoticed. All our wishes for u " THE FURRY PET-lemog":applause:


Congratulations my nutty buddy! You trully deserve this award. Thanks for all your help and encouragement with every drawing of mine. :thumbsup:


Your´re great,Monsieur Laurent!:thumbsup: heheCongrats!


Just a little hello and 1000 congrats on your award :applause:


CONGRATULATIONS on winning the community award laurent :smiley: thanks for the encouragement and all the help and comments to finish mine . Well deserved award. you are the best in my book


Hi, Congratulation for your price and your great image.
E.T :cool:


THanks to you !
About the picture I have to finish, I hope I will manage to work on it before the next challenge begin ! It let me only one month !


Spiffy eh, Laurent? :smiley:

Five meatcakes, at the very least!



Weee…Vive La France :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

weeeeeee…now we have new tools for beer and potatoe production… :stuck_out_tongue: :bounce: :bounce:

Congrats u nut.


big congrats lemog- I never followed your thread properly, sorry…came in a bit late and it was a bit too intimidating all those pages!! but awesome final image and I’ll get in early next time! and yours was by the looks an incredible community event! well done.


CONGRATULATIONS my frenchy friend! :thumbsup:, You can now have a big piece of chesse and bread with a big bottle of wine :smiley: