Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


2999 !

:bounce: One more to go and you get a :deal: CGspecial treat for the 3000 replies award :deal: :bounce: (maybe not for the most serious one … with people like me!)


me wants to be 3000! ooohhh i have to hurry with the “english thinking” it always takes me so long to finnish my messages… arg!

looking great my friend! especially the tiny birdies are soo cute and i always had a special weakness for spiral staircases :slight_smile:

best of luck! and cu around next time!

whew! that was fast! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


Thanks Benita for your sweet words and also for this 3000th post…

that permit you to win a wildKid Christmas Card… see you in the next challenge then… :wavey:


over 3000 posts and 200 pages for this challenge. you deserve every last one of them laurent

Best Spectacular challenge helper : Laurent Antoine Lemog so sure!!!


:bounce:Lemog! :bounce:Lemog! :bounce:Lemog! one man! a great final image! 200 pages filled with 3000 posts & counting! well… congratulations for all that :scream: :applause:


Beautiful ! Really beautiful Laurent, this image is still revealing a great talent and skills in your art, i just love it ! All this plants around the character bring a lot of emotion

I wish u good luck with the judging and i hope to see again your work in the future! :thumbsup:



That kid is really disturbing :eek:


a little bluebird told me that today is Lemogs birthday… so…

from me and all the GP:s… :bounce:


…yes, and I’ve heard there will be a hot party…

for your birthday all my best wishes ,Laurent!!



Hey my friend!!!

Is your birthday??..congrulations!!



Hah! A fellow Sagitarian… No doubt that contributes somewhat to your all consuming motivation to push your creativity;) Congratulations for clocking over another year mate:applause: I hope it was a spectacular one and may the next be even more so…

So how old are you now?.. like… 60? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock on my friend:buttrock:


:curious: :surprised :eek: :wise: :twisted: … … :bounce: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLO:bounce:



Hope you have a great day!


[left]To our most lovable French nut…:bounce:Happy Birthday Laurent!!! :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:

[left]Thanks for your generosity and everything you do to give us inspiration around here. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Happy Birthday, buddy :smiley:


Happy birthday Laurent!
Wish you the best with your family on this great occasion. Cheers :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Don’t eat too much cake, buddy :wink:


Happy birthday u NUT…:scream:


happy birthday Laurent :D:scream:


yea Dimi I knew u was crazy before…now this brings u to a whole new level