Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Merci Merci:love:


Do you thing your thread is going to make the 3 000 replies ?:bounce:
Almost ! Two or Three spams from each one of us , and we’re there !


[b]Oh! Happy Birthday Scooter! :bounce:

[/b]Doing my best to help this thread to pass the 3000 post barrier:scream:

And Laurent… if your wildkid doesn’t get any snow where he is - you can always send him here for some :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Scooter! :bounce:


I can only say cheer for your challenge

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P*tain cette fois c’est toi qui qui va le gagné c’te challenge… :wink:
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Happy Birthday scooter, and lemog, best of luck to you with your image, It came out spectacular! C ya next contest, dude!:thumbsup:


This is a superb and magical painting and I love it all the more after I read you beautiful description of what the painting represents. Just perfect!:bowdown:


I’m waiting yours Mona :thumbsup:

Finally, you adopt him Michel ? :smiley:
Cadet -> Are you really sure to have done the good choice :banghead: moahahaha

hmmm… take care my friends… maybe 3000 is the limit for a thread… after perhaps I will be banned of CGs :scream: hahahaha

Thanks my friend… but sincerly… I’m very afraid by the future result :shrug: …afraid or lucid… :eek: … the principal here is to take pleasure… it’s the most important. In any case, thanks for your wishes :wavey:


Thanks a lot Bryce… next contest… of course…
I’m just a little bit sad you doesn’t finish your promising entry… well… for the next one :thumbsup:

Then… what can I answer now after these good words… Just Thank You Patti :bowdown:
and see you in the next challenge… I hope :wavey:


dud, i’m a bit sad all the work you put to those fine library bookshelves
is so much hidden in the background…

Ah, fine pic still :slight_smile:



Hahahaha… you said that my friend… a guy like you who prepare thousands of incredible and spectacular project for the challenge… and he finished in the last days with a spectacular sport picture… hahaha… you make me laughing Squibie… you’re incredible… it’s certainly the reason that all girls and guys here appreciate you…
Thanks for the “Ah, fine pic stil” :scream: hahaha you’re spectacular mate :thumbsup:


Excellent avatar Laurent !


o yea, never thought of it that way , lol , touché



Thanks… but your monkeyHat seem excellent… and warm, not ? :scream:



I broke down the window and I left :scream: !! :bounce:

Morning Laurent :slight_smile:


Hahaha… good decision… take care to this guy :thumbsup: :smiley:

Morning Steph… nice to see you in ChristmasSnailing Mode today :scream:


WWaarffff ! Watch me at the next challenge Lolo !
By the way, dont’ you have a bigger printer at home for your poster ???


hi mate,another masterpiece you did.excellent concept,characters,ambient and the spacial effect that I love it a lot.very impressive!beautiful and lots of meaning.congratulations!!
best of luck in judging.cheers.:thumbsup: :buttrock: :applause: :wip: :bowdown: :beer:


I count on you Michel :thumbsup:

Not at all… this poster is in fact an assembly of 4 a3 printed at job :scream:

Thitipon -> thanks a lot… your words are always welcome… and thanks for your wishes master :beer:


congratulation for you Laurent, Your picture is splendid and spectacular :wink:

Bravo a toi Laurent, ta réalisation est magnifique, encore une lourde tache accomplie…

chapeaux bas Monsieur :slight_smile: