Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Wow looks awesome dude:thumbsup: It has a very nice paint kind of effect:)


you are a great artist Dude:bowdown: :bowdown:


Hey Lemog,

Great job on the final image:thumbsup: :bounce: :thumbsup: , the idea behind your story of wildkids finding knowledge is very Spectacular indeed. Good luck with this.


An A4 format ? Like Julien ?
I didn’t think that you were so small…


Are we suppose to vote ?


Ahhh! Sweet big print! :thumbsup: Sweet big L! :scream:

And the 2d version is absolutely adorable too :love:


Lots of details in your piece Lemog. Congrats btw interesting 2d pieces too.


madshooter -> Thanks Roshan… no time to participate in the 2d challenge… anyway… I’ve done a 2d picture… it’s enough to make me happy :scream: hahahaha

mmoir -> I’m very glad you appreciate the story… I don’t know if it’s the most important in a picture here, but… to riched a goal is always good… :thumbsup:

gpepper -> No my friend… it’s only a A5… I’m the 7th gnome… :smiley:
and about vote… as the next challenge I think, no public votes…

Gunilla -> do you really think that this “Big L” is really sweet ? maybe there’s another thing behind the Mask :scream: :thumbsup:

SNoWs -> Thanks for your visite and your words mate :bowdown:


Yep, yep, great final as usual LAurent, good luck in the final judging my dear friend


Hi Lemog, great final, great mood idea and …details… I mean details are insane :surprised:. Congratulation mate :slight_smile:


only thing to say to you mate is, :bowdown: :buttrock: :bounce: :arteest:
you have done a great piece of work (art) see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow!!! Lemog those new gifts were terrific…I just can’t understand how u manage so many things…getting to do the one 3d as beautiful and interesting as urs must have been really exhausting and now these?? wow!!! thanks


ilusiondigital -> Thanks Victor… again an another one finishing… héhé… thanks for wishes my friend :thumbsup:

Crying Horn -> Really happy that you appreciate my work Andrius… and my passion for details… thanks

alex.h. -> Thanks a lot… just a littel sad you can’t finish your piece… in the next challenge then :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: and don’t forget to finish this one and post it in the Finished 3d Gallery :thumbsup:

prats -> How I can manage all that… I must acknowledge that I don’t know… I’m just so sorry to can’t do more :scream: hahahaha… Thanks a lot for your words… that touch me a lot Prathibha :bowdown:


G R E A T~!stop by and congratulate u my friend:)a winning piece u hve got here:thumbsup:may the best of luck be with u


shake -> Thanks a lot for your wishes Michael… I’ve really appreciate your talent on your thread… you have done a fantastic picture :thumbsup:


Finally, I’ve decided to refine a little my drawing version… more detailed than the first one, I hope it’s better now…


new version is cool , stylish man! and I’m glad to see the proof that you are real human not a machine !:thumbsup::thumbsup::bounce::eek: hehehe ! good luck and see you in the next challenge , where are you while there are no challenge? maya forum or something? :slight_smile:


Hi Laurent, my 2D favorite’s too hahahaha. Is great! is paint over? Congrats again master, you are a jedi :scream: :applause::applause:


Nice 2d version - and an “update” I was not prepared to find…just looked in to say “bye-bye”:wavey: . Now we are really near the end…:sad: …

Btw…if you are sleepless (and you must be!), have you ever tried hot milk with honey instead of working;) …?! Sweet dreams!



I’m always here… or not so far… and with always lot of personal projects… always runnig towards more time… and always less sleep :scream:
I’m already on a big project… many months of work… and certainly more than 1 year… but I will try anyway to participate to the next challenge, of course… the mood here is always incredible of kindness… and that permit to share a lot about our passion, it’s great :thumbsup:

denverbz -> yes and no… to win time… I started to draw in photoshop… very rough… just to try to keep my real proportion… and quickly… I go to work with Painter, and there, it’s an another story… I can find the same feeling than in the past… with real oil paintings… and ancient passion :bounce: , but now… wih a blend of PainterX and Wacom…
…and I finish in photoshop to correct tones, eventually while adding some effects or matters… that all…
I work on it certainly between 15 and 20 hours…