Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Of course Beckie… just need as always to find time… I’ve already a couple of project to do before the end of the year… and that’s appear very short now :scream:

Crazygui -> Hahahaha… thanks a lot Guillaume :thumbsup:

tuck -> Thanks for your words Udom… glad to hear you apreciate my style :slight_smile:

nemirc -> Thanks Sergio… and for the next challenge, I will try another colors for birds, promised :wise:

Goul -> Hahaha… really happy to receive the “top moumoutte award”… thank you… and thanks too for the 15 liters beer… I think that can make my day without problem… Thanks Nico :bounce:

lotah -> héhé :beer: and TY…


Yeah… you have done your better, I know that… now, you must finish it anyway, you can… and I’m waiting you in the finished 3d gallery.
I must thank you for your support… and I can repeat what I said you there’s few days… you are really talentuous and have lot of skills now… just remain you to really beleive in you… and that can be sufficient to push you in the stars… go mate and seya :thumbsup:

thierry2005 -> Thanks Thierry… :blush: your words touch me a lot you know… and I always respect your advices… you have right thought about art, I’m really happy to meet you here… don’t hesitate to PM me if you start an another thread here, I will be just very glad to follow it.

Lync -> Magical Thanks to you then :bowdown:

maurodelia -> Thanks for your wishes mate :thumbsup:


yo lemog…big congrats on finishingthis work…awesome atmosphere and that is the most important apect of every work imho:thumbsup: :bounce: :beer: :arteest:


I agree with Nebezial. You have a great atmosphere in this piece and I think you did a great job. I appreciate all of the help that you have given me and hope all the best for you.


What can I say… You’ve consistently offered your energy to almost all and every in this great challenge and, you’ve managed to, at the same time, create a truly beautiful piece…
I adore the warmth that this image conveys Laurent (somehow… through the gloom and cold) there is a deep sense of hope and compassion evident in this piece that clearly communicates your emotional intent… WOW! and YOINKS indeed mate:eek:

Kudos to you Big L, and much respect due… Consider me a fan and friend;)


Wheee Lemog gives Lemog a biiig squeeze great to see the final image! Your thread has been an interesting and busy one through and through :D.

I love the concept, and those forest children things are sooo cute, am gonna steal one. The frost was a very good addition. All the best for the judging!


good morning Lemog… :bounce:
and I take a look again at the bluebirdies… I just :love: them…


Nebezial -> Thanks my friend… you’re right… it’s always my goal to have a strong atmosphere, always to keep somethhing more sensitive… I don’t know if I catch this result… but if you appreciate it, it’s a really good point for me… and that push me more to conitinue in this way…
…thanks a lot Stjepan :thumbsup:

gardogg -> Thanks Gary… my help on your thread is nothing… I’m just so sorry to doesn’t have more time to follow all the very interesting threads here… and participate more, and eventually, helping more when I can. :scream: :thumbsup::beer:

DaddyMack -> Robert… your words are so great for me… if peoples can feel something… discover details and thoughts… it’s finally other what I’ve planed. Of course, I try to do more of an only one image… but I know it’s first finality, is to watching it as a simple picture… then, thanks to appreciate the little part “of more” in this realization. :bowdown:


Great Job, my friend!!

Congratulations and good luck!!

:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:


Elsie -> Thanks for wishes Ailsa… judging step will be certainly the most hard part of the challenge… as always… I just hope that they appreciate this picture as much than you :scream: we will see… but now… it’s time for other new projects… :bounce:

makaron -> good morning Mona… I think now, all these blue birds left to make the turn of the world, to gift all their good knowledge, and don’t worry, the passage in sweden is planed. :thumbsup: Survey them for Christmas :wavey:


And for fun…

Big L and the Spectacular stuff as said Daddymack :scream:


Si je ne venais pas te congratuler, je faillissais à ma tache :slight_smile:

Toujours excellent lolo ! Tu as fais une belle image, un très bon travail de compositing, et un très grand boulot dans tous les domaines.
Il en ressort une compo de qualité, avec un rendu signé Lemog… que du bon quoi :wink:

Bravo !

Mon vote ira pour toi :slight_smile:

Il faut que tu gagnes :wink: On ne peut que récompenser un travail comme le tiens :wink:

Bravo !!!

(faudra qu’on se parle)

If I didnt come to congratulate you, I failed in my spot :slight_smile:
Always excellent lol ! You ve make a beautiful image, a very good work of compositing, and a very big job in all the domains.
A compo of quality, with signed Lemog’Render emerges from it :wink:
Bravo !

My vote will go for you :slight_smile:

A job as you make must be rewarded !! :bounce:


flaeticia -> that make me happy to see you here Laetiss… really… and thanks for all these “too much” words, very kind… I’m just a little sad you can’t finish your entry… very promising I thing… I hope we can see this picture finished ine day, that will be a great pleasure for me… in the Finished 3d Gallery by exemple :thumbsup:
Thanks girl :bounce:


Some gifts now…

a wallpaper done few days ago (before the little wildkids), that I forget to post here :shrug:

Click on the image below for the 1600x1200 version.


An another one… certainly the very last one, based on the final picture…

Always click on the image below to have the 1600x1200 version…


CONGRADULATIONS,LEMOG! maan,im really happy that uv done it! and sure,for sure,u MUST be among winners!:smiley:
ur one of the coolest guys that iv ever found on web!
thanx for ur eternal support!!
man is that u? uv got a cool face!heh!


Yes… of course… if this guy was not cool… I doesn’t post his face here… :scream: hahahaha…

Seriously… thanks for your very kind words… and don’t forget to do the mlost you can to post something before the end :thumbsup:



congrats on the final, very well done! I wish u the best of luck.

is your mug in that photo? hehe, it’s cool to see the face behind the cgtalk alias ;p


That’s the proof I’m not a machine :scream:
Thanks for wishes my friend Martin :thumbsup:


Another pic for the pleasure…

3 days ago, I’ve decided to do an another version with other tones, but always the same spirit, painted in 2d of this image…

… done principally with PainterX, some Photoshoping for additional effects.

Done in 2 nights, when I can’t sleep… :shrug:

The Other Real Konwledge’s Face