Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Congratulations for community prize-winners !!!

You Win!!!


Congrats on the community award, couldn’t have come to a more fitting person :thumbsup:



wow! CONGRATULATIONS:applause: :applause: :applause: . there was no doubt that your contribution would go unnoticed. All our wishes for u " THE FURRY PET-lemog":applause:


Congratulations my nutty buddy! You trully deserve this award. Thanks for all your help and encouragement with every drawing of mine. :thumbsup:


Your´re great,Monsieur Laurent!:thumbsup: heheCongrats!


Just a little hello and 1000 congrats on your award :applause:


CONGRATULATIONS on winning the community award laurent :smiley: thanks for the encouragement and all the help and comments to finish mine . Well deserved award. you are the best in my book


Hi, Congratulation for your price and your great image.
E.T :cool:


THanks to you !
About the picture I have to finish, I hope I will manage to work on it before the next challenge begin ! It let me only one month !


Spiffy eh, Laurent? :smiley:

Five meatcakes, at the very least!



Weee…Vive La France :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

weeeeeee…now we have new tools for beer and potatoe production… :stuck_out_tongue: :bounce: :bounce:

Congrats u nut.


big congrats lemog- I never followed your thread properly, sorry…came in a bit late and it was a bit too intimidating all those pages!! but awesome final image and I’ll get in early next time! and yours was by the looks an incredible community event! well done.


CONGRATULATIONS my frenchy friend! :thumbsup:, You can now have a big piece of chesse and bread with a big bottle of wine :smiley:


Thanks Sergio… and one thing what I’m very proud… it’s to make you enter in this challenge, and proud that you be able to finish your interesting and original piece in time… congratulations for you :thumbsup:

hahaha… thanks Ailsa… pretty words for me it mean… really touched :bounce:

Héhé… that sounds to be your next challenge my friend… hahaha… and as usually, you will be at the top… of course… and for that, again congratulations to you and especially to your future wife…
…and thanks for your always support Alex :thumbsup:

hahaha… thanks honey… and especially thanks for all these great moments with on this challenge… always instructive and fun… a big kiss to the most swedish rubbersuitgirl :scream: :thumbsup: :love:

In the next one, I really don’t know for me… but one thong is sure… if you will be here, then I will follow you next entry… thanks for your words Alan… and seeya…


Héhé… thanks Diego… I’m always very honored that you follow my works, thanks :thumbsup:

:bowdown: well… what can I add ?
… thanks Panu :slight_smile:

The french furry-guy said “thanks” :wink:

Thanks again for your support Queenie… always very apprecied you know :arteest:

Gracias Gonzalo… hasta la proxima vez con el nuevo concurso :wavey:

héhéhé, toujours là mon ami ? en tout cas un grand merci à toi Corentin… :thumbsup:

thanks aggie, me too, I can said that you’re one of the best friend of this community… thanks to be here and thanks for your incredible support. :beer:


Hey Eric… in first, thanks to congratulate me… ans in second, I’m really ashamed… I always love your work, and this time, I’ve completly missed your thread and your participation… just see it with the 2d results… damn… I’m so bad, and so sad…
…then, all my congratulations for you entry my friend, and again, very sorry to doesn’t participate on your thread :applause: :applause: :applause:

Of course… remain less of 1 month, and the community here count on you for your next participation… and this time, you must finish it… please… please :scream:

hahahaha… thanks for the meatcakes award… always not very serious…
…mmmmh… like me perhaps :beer:

Thanks Dimis… it’s always much pleasure to participate near a sympathetic and professional guy like you… each time, we have to learn more of your skills… you’re a great guy my friend.
Check soon your PM Dimis… I’ve a couple of question to you… if you can find time in your actual rush… seeya mate :wavey:

I know mate, it’s not always easy to follow all threads… same thing for me with yours, I’ve followed your thread, but always a little bit far, in any case… thanks for your congrats. John…

I really don’t know if it a winner place here, but one thing is sure, it was a very good place to share with friends… share our skills and our pictures, but also share kindness, red wine and meetcakes :scream: thanks Omar :thumbsup:


Hi Laurent, congratulations for you community award and this beautiful final image!
It was an very cool experience to participate at this challenge with you, thanks a lot my friend for all support and help!! I’m waiting to participate at the next one!

until that, good luck on all your work! See you my friend! :beer:


You’re like a child, Laurent, If I promise to U, I would have do it. So I prefer not to promise… :argh:


a good news my friend Simon :beer:

There’s something true in your sentence Gilles… I’m a child :scream: hahahaha :thumbsup:


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