Spectacular 3D Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Congratulations my friend ! You were afraid not to have anything in this challenge. Look at the result ! You’ve done a great job !

Ahahah ! Tu croyais encore revenir bredouille de ce challenge ! Et bah non ! En plus ce coup ci, tu gagne un superbe logiciel de modélisation qui fait aussi les UV tout seul !
Content que tu es fait cette image et beau résultat ! T’es un peu notre leader comme l’on dit certains, continue de nous montrer le chemin ! merci !


Versiden -> Thanks Martin… and for you kindness during the challenge…

shake -> hey Michael, always honored by your words… thanks a lot :thumbsup:

gpepper -> hahaha… french NUT leader ? why not… in any case… as always, nothing serious… just lot of fun with you all… the most important is to share… mission complete then :slight_smile:
Particular thanks to you my friend of “toujours”… thanks for your permanent great support… merci Mr Gilles Papa Noël :scream: :bowdown:
…et je crois me souvenir que tu as toujours une image à terminer, non ? :arteest: hahaha


[b]The two community prize-winners are:

[/b]Name: [b]Laurent antoine lemog /b
Prize: Luxology modo 201

Name: [b]James Kaufeldt /b
Prize: E-on Software Vue 5 Infinite

I was shure of this!

(I told you so!)


Thank you again Lenut!


Yay hugs Frenchie congrats on the community award, you really deserved it! I mean look at this thing alone haha, 207 pages…you loony. We love you!


Hi Antoine,

Nice to see that you get the com. AWARD… well deserved! :thumbsup:

And thanks a lot 4 your kind words! You know… what matters is the fun part of it, and the whole family behind it.

There are a lot of adventures we have to challenge.
About me… I´m going to marry my girlfriend in Februar! that´s my biggest adventure until now!

Have fun my Friend!
:beer: :bounce: :beer:


So we have another winner! :beer:

Bravo Alex:beer:!


Thanks my Friend!


Congrats again, my furry friend … “Lemog the Pet”? :scream:

I really expected you to get it already for the previous challenge, so this was no big surprise.

You’re the best :bowdown::beer::love:


Hi Monsieur lemog,

Gongratulations my friend, you really did a great work and to me was a pleasure know you and your work:bowdown: . See you in the next challenge.:thumbsup:



Congratulations for community prize-winners !!!

You Win!!!


Congrats on the community award, couldn’t have come to a more fitting person :thumbsup:



wow! CONGRATULATIONS:applause: :applause: :applause: . there was no doubt that your contribution would go unnoticed. All our wishes for u " THE FURRY PET-lemog":applause:


Congratulations my nutty buddy! You trully deserve this award. Thanks for all your help and encouragement with every drawing of mine. :thumbsup:


Your´re great,Monsieur Laurent!:thumbsup: heheCongrats!


Just a little hello and 1000 congrats on your award :applause:


CONGRATULATIONS on winning the community award laurent :smiley: thanks for the encouragement and all the help and comments to finish mine . Well deserved award. you are the best in my book


Hi, Congratulation for your price and your great image.
E.T :cool:


THanks to you !
About the picture I have to finish, I hope I will manage to work on it before the next challenge begin ! It let me only one month !


Spiffy eh, Laurent? :smiley:

Five meatcakes, at the very least!



Weee…Vive La France :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

weeeeeee…now we have new tools for beer and potatoe production… :stuck_out_tongue: :bounce: :bounce:

Congrats u nut.