Spectacular 3D Entry: Kanghui Wang


wow…thats a pretty cace, beautiful girl. you are the master:bowdown:my respect is for you:bowdown: really good work :cry: i hate you because i was happy learning organic modeling! :drool:


modelling is as beautiful as chinese martial arts buddy love ya


this is really good stuff …
Did you make it all since yesterday when you signed in ?? :eek: :eek:
you think you gonna finish it in time at this quality ?
I’ll be watching you :smiley:


HAHA,I have done this for many days but not upload until yestaday , because i wanna give everybody more novelty once. Right now there is more formidable work to do ,god bless me!!:scream:


I just fell in love with your model, she is so cute:thumbsup:

i would love to know how you get the hair and the skin so realistic.

my challenge entry


thats just awesome!

and thanks for posting the progress like you did, amateurs like me can learn a lot from ure techniques!



• Marvelous! The modeling is great, the skinning and set up is Even better, congratulation in your work Kanghui, The hair is also looking awsome! what software are u using?
• Could you post the character setup and bones? I am pretty interested in how you got such clean deformations :slight_smile:


she’s sooooo cute! great:D


work in progress - boy




work in progress - expression


work in progress :
expression exture\hair test


:thumbsup: give gas!加油~


so fast,haha.
thank you 3dmiao
i’ll upload the final image tonight :bounce:


work in progress - pose test


great composition, and very nice posing work… nice modeling too! i hope you finish! good luck! :thumbsup:


Icant wait to see this one finished, the lighting, compostion and characters are great. gonna subscribe to this one…


work in progress - scene test


work in progress - light test


work in progress - details