Spectacular 3D Entry: Kanghui Wang


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there is a girl who got sick since 16 years old and never wake up again , in her dreamland here lives a boy , the
girl’s frail destiny needs her most beloved person to redeem , can the boy lead the girl to run away form the
devildom and return to the other shore where dream awakes , what can the boy’s destiny be ?


i like this fantasy work! good job


nice to see U here my friend, just keep on the idea and make it stronger and especialer,
must be quick~~:scream:


haha,All object are modeled as Editable poly. at begining i used
5*5 segment box for basic modeling and

the image below will show u how i working.


works in progress - head


works in progress - palm


work in progress - body modeling


work in progress - body modeling


work in progress - crus


haha 7days left:)


work in progress - stitch and skin


work in progress - texture for skin


work in progress - skin and hair test


dudee…u r a maniac…awesome model…and so cute:D


Amazing modeling! Very clean model. The render is good too!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :buttrock:


some tests about skin:bounce:


skin tests from head to foot:bounce:


hair dynamics test