Spectacular 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


Very good final picture! You have done it well, be proud:)
Good luck for the finaaaaal juuuuudgement! mouhahahaha:twisted: (loud voice)


This is an A4 size…

Excellent stuff Julien ! great picture U’ve done here !


:thumbsup: well done Julien, you have made the dream come true with your talent! :bounce:


Good job! I will never try this at my office.


You did cool :thumbsup: best wishes with jury :slight_smile:


turned out great Julien. congrats!.


congrats :bounce:


nice pic, dude :thumbsup:



Hey Julien,

That is a cool looking final image :cool: :cool: . Great job and good luck.


I’m here for you :wavey:

jdd number one


Congratulation Julien!! very nice and indeed spectacular illustration you did there. crazy and funny story too haha, would be really great to see how the car would come down the stairs from the roof:argh: . Already printed, gee that’s an idea!

All my very best for the judging to you mate! and see you soon around with another pic!:beer:


You did it on time :thumbsup: it`s great final image :applause:

Good luck in the final vote :bounce:


Hey JD, congrate on finishing mate… i love you entry and think you will do very well… good luck with the judges :thumbsup:


• Hey I appeciate your suggestion, I think is a good advice, from now on i will leave my helicopter at the roof like everybody else :thumbsup: i guess I was trying to avoid paying parking tickets :D!
You have accomplished the challenge and graduated with honours, Good luck with the Jury, and I hope to see more of your outstanding work in the future, CHEERS MATE! :beer: PROST!


Yea this one realy looks insane :slight_smile: congrats with finishing!


hey Jdd-sorry missed the poster- looks great! and good luck and congratulations again on your final! awesome.nice of you to thank everyone personally too.


Congrats Jdd, your thread has impressed me all the way, the final image is brilliant A truly spectacular scene. Good luck and have a great Christmas.


Oh gs… thanks so much !!

:: Lolo… Lemog :stuck_out_tongue:
:: rattlesnake … ty for the big res comment
:: Goul
:: 3d-empire
:: makaron
:: yunisirees
:: sergioKomic
:: claudio_jordao
:: Zapan
:: soapy
:: vampeta… thanks… CGtalk challenges are really something spectacular to learn to go far away of everyday limit and learn something new and try to make concrete progress… a personal vision of this kind of contest !
:: alvin_cgi
:: JamesMK
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:: gpepper :stuck_out_tongue: non pas de A4… grrr…
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:: shakes hehe I will a Elvis poster too !
:: handlebar

wow sorry that I didn’t answer before… but I a bit busy with some works …

Congratulation to you too for your entries, hurry up at everyone who is not already finished :wip:



Julien,I´ll try it!:stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with your piece!:thumbsup:


Congradualtions on your final image, it looks great. I really like the colouring and lighting, and like I’ve said before, the composition is really cool. Love the details and effects as well, best of luck with the judging stage of the contest. Alexi.