Spectacular 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


When I saw your 2 pics… my first thought was exactly the same than “3d-empire”… composite the both in toshop to keep the best of each… and remember… all parts of your action scene doesn’t have the same speed… and of course… the blur must me different between categories of parts… playing with that can be the great addition and give you the good feeling of the reality… sinon… c’est simplement superbe et décoiffant… bravo Juju :thumbsup:


Well wow so many replies, thank you so much…

:: the best, Luks, SuperXCM, gpepper, mayanoob, Shortgrey
Thank you so much for support and encouragement !

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Viele Dank… :wink:

:: Climax
well… I run

:: shakes
I will not pick one of them but mix it…

:: Jaba153
You point me on a good (personal) question… Me too when I post the render/post confront image and viewing at both I tells me… «the one without postfx is really better…» I don’t know really why… but you are not the only one to think taht and I’m a bit rassured… :wip:

:: 3d-empire
3d empire night bring out the best of our-self ? :scream: Ok next time the handbrake, promise and well… A mix of both will be done today… Thanks for your input ! :thumbsup:

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Yes I think a mix can be really more interesting… laso like Jaba, 3d-empire tells me… i will work on this :wip:

:: Lemog
merci, I take note of what you tells me here ! Cool… je fille bosser… I go to work :wip:



sounds like a good recipe… :slight_smile: mix well and cook for a while in a render… I guess that it will turn out a treat to all of us to see then… :bounce:


Yep …

Come on Julien , this is the final rush before going to sleep :smiley:
I just can’t wait for the final picture…


Ok here we are with (probably the very final image
You can check a higher resolution here if you want to see more details (1600x1000 ca)


|| Spectacular CGChallenge XVIII ||

|| Don’t try this at Office ||

A day Julien was sick and tired about his situation in office. Impolite chef, stressed situation and not a very interesting job position was a daily business

For a long time this situation continue like this
but a beautiful day something in the mind of Julien comes out
a very intriguing idea
a very
crazy idea
Why not try to do something funny in the office just to shock his colleagues and just calm down the behaviour of his boss
the idea was simple
take the car of his boss, going up with an helicopter on the roof, drive down, reach the boss office and
destroy everything
wow, what a great, absurdly insane things to do

After a long period of planning how to make concrete this idea, minute and detailed plan Julien was ready

Everything going perfect, helicopters, driving along stairs and corridors
explosion, fun and action
did you imagine the head of the collegues and the boss

uh? ah, what’s up?
uh ohhh gosh, Julien wake up at 6.3 morning ready to go to work again
the same old story every day
but a wonderful dream
. a wonderful dream, just a dream
This was his best dream but this is a very good idea !


congrats mate :beer:
(funny story :bounce: ,"and a very cool idea :twisted: " )


Yeah, amazing picture, really a great work with a great story. All elements on this scene are fantastic, the explosion, the car, the building, really scpectacular. Congrats, relax and be proud about your work :beer:


A very impressive work here:thumbsup:
But something is disturbing me… Maybe the carlights(from the jumping car), which are too visible(and short).And another thing, maybe the ground is not enough lighten… more groundlights and neons…but not too much:scream: Just ideas…
Ok now you can kill me:blush: i know there is not much time left.
Best luck till the end mate, you’ve made a very good work.


As I said there’s many days… for me, it needed more dust or broken pieces ejected in the jump… a part that… all is okay for me… and if you keep like that… no prob for me… cause I really appreciate your image Juju…

…a great moment of Spectacular Action… really impressive…

…I’m waiting your choice… we’re just before the Congratulations Moment I mean :beer: :bounce:


nice action scene! you done a great job to finished it ! congrat man! good luck !


Impressive scene, Julien!




Very well done! I like it a lot and it really reminds me of the Trinity Scene in Matrix Reloaded mixed with the Tumbler chase in batman begins. Wow, two great films molded into one scene! Awesome! Truly Awesome!


This is really a stunning image - congratulations Julien :thumbsup:

So, is it the final or not? Either way, splendid job on a spectacular event!


I have been lurking in the shadows until now but have been following your progress. Very powerful visuals Julien. Nice work.


Yes …Final…rest now a bit u nut…awesome work…i really can’t imagine the pain in the head with all those tiny pieces in there…Congrats.

Bubble - Yoink! …out … :bounce:


Fantastic and awesome dude:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Congratulations for your Final image:applause: :applause: You have done a great job now you can relax:) Congrats again for a great job:beer:


Hey jdd-it looks truly spectacular! You really blended both explosion effects very well.
such a cool image, and the story is very funny…I’m sure alot of people have similar dreams! It’s been really fun and inspiring watching this come together- congrats and good luck!


Superb image JD. It came together really very well. The story is great too.

Be proud.


:: the best
thanks :smiley: yep the story is something where I sleep over for a long time lol…

:: denverbz
Thanks so much !

:: funkyboss
Thanks for comment, at this time I’m sure about the final… I like it how is it… anyway thanks again

:: Lemog
Lolo ! oui c’est un peu vrai… but at the end I like how the image is and I tryed to print it out and I really like the result… by the same time I don’t have any more time… lot of work. Je m’arrète ici… mais merci pour tout le commentaires !

:: monsitj
Thanks you so much !

:: Cartesius
Anders :beer: !!!

:: Jepster2005
Thank you !

:: Gunilla
yes this is my final… thanks !

:: 3D_Explorer
Heila 3d back from the shadow, welcome in city lights and explosions ! lol… many many thnks for your presence and support !

:: DimitrisLiatsos
haha… thnaks so much to passing here very busy nut bubble maker ! I will follow your last steps !

:: madshooter
Thank you so much !

:: shakes
Thanks ! so you hae some same dream agaist you collegue and boss… mmm bring this idea to reality, I’m sure it will work… haha !!! :smiley: Btw you elvis is awersome !

:: soapy
Jim… be pround you too, I don’t know were you will finish, but you work is totally crazy and I love it, awersome work you too !!!


will come later for a big official thank you for all !!!



I understand you well my friend… it’s a little the same thing for me… alost finish… I must again to find forces to do other tests… and I don’t know… much work on this challenge… and other projects in preparation…

I like your picture like that anyway… and now… I want to watch the film :scream: