Spectacular 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


3d-empire -> haha excellent !

:: Soapy
:argh: woargh… you point me in somethig very right… I like the taxi but you got reason about primari colour…, I will desaturate the cars and made it more ‘neutral/gray’ one.

:: Lolo
yep call James, tell him that I good guy and I work hard ! :scream:

Your comments are really pertinent… I know that some ‘specularity, reflection and glow’ are killed by contrast or I masked at all because the result is like a Christmas tree and I found more interesting have a powerful light of explosion and debris darker for the contrats… but I think I have to work a little bit on this area too …

::the best
thanks !



Looks like you’re almost there with it, looks very good to me. On the bigger version it seemed to me some pieces of broken glass looked to a bit similar to one another, you might want to break some of them in finer pieces. It reminds me of a scene in Matrix where the helicopter explodes in a building, the number of pieces of glass in the scene was incredible. It could add a little more realism, just a thought man:) , keep it up!


Better and better


Yep you are and it’s GREAT !!!

very spectacular , awesome job Julien :bounce: :thumbsup:


Nice work so far :thumbsup:

But as Lemog wrote there is a missing of dust and smoke.
Also the windows must be more reflecive.


Just my 2 cents :smiley:

Good luck to you :bounce:


Here you see the render without motion blur and the verion with Motion blur added with photoshop…


cool updates:thumbsup:


Spectacular work, Julien:thumbsup: ! I’ve seen your last updates and find nothing to crit, the scene looks really impressive…I think you’re almost finished:) …Good look for your last tweaks!



very nice ups!


Hi Julien, very impressive image and very spectacular! :eek:
Nothing to crit, amazing work! :beer:


Excellent Julien, excellent !


hi julien this image is fantastic but personally i prefer the one without blur i don’ t know why but i think it looks more stronger(même si c’est un peu moins dynamique) anyway both images are great :applause:


Love the lighting and reflection.

what would top this off, if a character jumping out of the car

amazing regardless! best piece of work i have seen on this forum!


• As you said in your first post…Just :bounce:!
Go man!


awesome jdd- they’re both really good…can’t really pick a winner-either would work really well I think.


Looking ace Julien:thumbsup:

Nice motion blur effect, maybe mix it with the original rendering in the post comp.

Remember handbrake next time.
And the fact that you can see batman head, torso and arms just below the car front is a trick itself!
Sorry, late night in denmark on a saturday night, don’t think too much about the last 2 lines,.


I prefer the one without the blur, maybe a mix of the two is the way to go?


I’m just quoting the rest - both looks absolutely great and maybe a mix?

Wonderful effects - you’ve done a great project from the start with this one :thumbsup:


very impressive, nice job.


Truely spectacular jdd, it’s hard to choose between the two, but i think i like the without version best. Maybe a mix as others have suggested