Spectacular 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


FANTASTIC jdd!! hard to crit- it’s all good- what about some tiny glass splinters coming across above the left hand side of the street- I think it would make the composition and movement flow across the image nicely. top work!


Nice, Image dude good luck with your entry!:thumbsup:


:: yunisirees
Thank you !


… yep is a bit strange but is true at same time, eventually I will cut a little bit the image or postwork the reflection… Don’t know, I will continue with all post fx ad see at the end what I can do.

:: agou
merci !

::mr moose
thanks man !

:: jaba153
merci beacoup, ton image aussi elle déchire, superbe :thumbsup:

:: sergio
Thank you

:: madshooter
mmm yep like I answered at Gunilla … thanks :wip:
for the reflection on the other side. If I did it I risk to cancelled the effect and focus to the main cation… like now you focus immediately in the explosion and the other side of the image give you the sensation of vertigo… well this was my reason.

Thanks you !

this little details kills me :smiley:

:: makaron
haha… can you imagine this jackass who try to do that… :smiley:

:: denverbz
Thanks so much !

:: the best

:: shakes…
well interesting suggestion… :wip: mmm I know that I have a lot of small work. Will try it ! TY.

:: beelow
thanks so much !

ok… I continue to work on the image :wip:


Excellent details, what do you use to make such explosions (maybe it has already been asked…?) ?

Can’t wait to see this one finished !


Here the ambient occlusion layer of my multy layered render… I really like this layer render result you can cleary read all the scene and the environment…


Of course mate… we rcan really appreciate the amount of work… and it’s beautiful… a standalone masterpiece in B&W :cool:


Taking a pause on some miro postwork I tryed to contrast the scene…
mmm ? too dark ? … jdd


First of all - it looks great! Very hard to come up with any reasonable crits to be honest.

About the contrast/brightness… maaaaaaaaybe it’s a tad bit too dark, but it’s a close call… this is unfortunately within the realm of personal taste, so it will be hard to get any objective input on the matter. You’ll have to play this by heart I think.


Too dark… but powerfull… a mix perhaps?


I feel it is too dark too :surprised


To all:

It has turned out on many occasions that a lot of people have rather weirdly calibrated monitors. So here’s a little helper image below. It was originally posted by Jeremy Birn a long time ago, and used to make sure that display gamma, brightness and contrast are correctly set for final on-screen colour correction proofing and so forth.

Your display is good when you can make out four full rows of letters - the first two white rows have the letters U to Z going from left to right, and the last two black rows have the letters A to F from left to right. When you see all 24 letters, your know that you see everything going on in terms of subtle stuff in the extremely dark and bright areas respectively.

EDIT: Sorry about this image-based invasion, Julien :smiley:



You didn’t have to sorry james… I already jump to my eMac and a Windows PC and noticed the image is really dark, but not on my ‘work’ monitor due to a CMYK print calibration… viwing with a standart srgb or web calibration the image is really dark…

thanks :wink:


nice action scene man! great work! don’t forget to add reflection in the window of the opposite building!:applause:


I tryed to post an image bigger als I can… so finally you can view something bigger als usual 800x550px…

Is time for me to take a small pause on the image and thing on what I have to do… but I’m quiet close to final…

C&C welcome…


This will be great… nice update:thumbsup:


Looking great JD. So I guess all those yellow cars are taxis? I am a little bit disturbed by the red, yellow and blue cars, is there some reason you decided on primary colours? In any case the image is looking superb. All the detail is great. What a surprise those cabbies will have when a car falls out of the sky!


I’m not a great specialist in FX… but that seem very good for me… I watch the picture on 4 different monitors, and contrast appear okay for me… nothing to add… :thumbsup:


I’m just ask myself about a detail… as I said previously, I’m far to be a specialist about FX… but with that kind of explosion, there’s no smoke or kind of dust…

Another thought… the broken pieces of glasses… as the grey one visibles at left are like that because their orientation,s no explosion reflection then, and we’re okay… but these pieces have anyway thickness… and this thickness can have reflection, brightnesses or luminous glares… not ?

Well… I return to work… good evening… and don’t forget the most important… -> :beer: hahaah

Tu as fait un super boulot sur ton image… je téléphone tout de suite à James Cameron pour son prochain film… :scream:


keep up the good work:thumbsup:



Action packed, looking better and better, It’s really cool,.

“Are you sure the car is in neutral??
Ofcause I am!,
look I’ll just hammer down the speeder to proove it to you,
and stop asking silly questions again…”:scream: