Spectacular 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


:: JamesMK
Thanks for your suggestions…

:: Lolo
et voilà c’est fait ! même pas mal !

ty… now the render is finished !

:: madshooter
hehe finally is done :wink:

:: claudio_jordao
ty so much !

:: Gunillla, Zapan
Ty so much ! the post fx etc… session start now !


hiya jddog its coming out superb indeed!:thumbsup: … cool fire effect


Here I prepare my render fo apply some pst fx


here all elements toghether…


well here just some other steps… I try to reproduce some motion blur on the window glasses pieces and in the explosion area…


Just a zoom (75% or real sclale) of the explicit area…


I love Juju… just incredible… I want to see this film :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Ptain… j’suis vraiment impressionné… just boudiou :scream:


Finally here something bigger I posted a 1000x690 image size, just click on the preview to watch it bigger…
Any C&C are welcome…


The explosion is WHOUAHH!!

But I just noticed… there’s something odd with the reflections in the windows - the cars on the street are reflected very high up in the building. Can’t remember seeing it in any of the previous renders … but perhaps that’s how it should be?


woooow, this picture took my breath away ! Impressing!!!


WOOOOOOWWWW!!! It’s amazing!!!:cool:

Sei il migliore jd :wink:

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


hahaha l’explosion déchire tout!! bravo!!
very impressive awesome pic congrats!!:arteest:


Very good progress Jd!


I agree with gunilla on the cars getting reflected even on the top most windows, looks little strange, otherwise the image is rocking:buttrock: and fantastic:thumbsup: The explosion looks great dude.

Just few tweaks I guess and then the final image, I’m waiting:bounce: :bounce:


arhh mate… you have done yourself proud, sucha great image


This is exellant.It is looking awesome.The little details makes alot of difference.


can´t help thinking every time I see this… what are the car doing up there, so high in the building? :eek: and that what I call a spectacular thought… :thumbsup:


Hi I’m back again with a small suggestion if it is possible. Somehow I feel the reflection of the car exploding and fire explosion can fall on the oppsite building, will add more to your scene. I guess you can do that easily in photoshop, just a suggestion dude:)


Wow, amazing Julien. Great details,very realistic, no crits to me. Really spectacular:bounce:. Congrats, i’m impatient to see finished. :applause:


keep up the good work :thumbsup: