Spectacular 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


whoa man! it’s really turning out great! very nice! Nice balance.


just good and spectacular :slight_smile: no critics for me, keep it up !


hiya jddog

nice awesome updates man! like the explosion too!
cheers man! :thumbsup:


Just want to say “ohhhh wow” The mood is so great. You had a hard task puting it all together and keeping overall quality on a high level. And you did it . Congrats great work!! - cheers


Very Cool!:thumbsup:

Been away for a few week, and you have really gotten som work done.
Light, explotion, glass, composition just looks super!
I see you got the car done aswell, good job!


Thanks so much for your support, comments and enthusiasm that you give me…

At this moment I render it for the final size… but I have found some problem due to the massive reflections on my scene. After the first render test of 46 hrs I saw that only a 1/3 of the image was rendered so I’ve separate my image in 4 different parts.

The first part (all right buildings) was rendered in 9 hrs, the 2 part (the left part) with only the glass building require 20 hrs of render and now I render all the explosion part. I started to render first the broken glasses then I will render the car and the fire fx and I will compose all the scene. I hope that I can do that in 20 hrs…

so please be patient…




Impressive render time mate… I hope you can manage all easily… can’t wait the final now… :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Here the first part of the render at final size 4000x2750px with multy layered file option


Yep that true and a real suprise for me :shrug: I don’t know what really happened but I suppose that come from the reflections.

My render engine had to calculate different part of the image to render the reflections (and on the glass building the reflections goes in differents directions) and I suppose that bigger is the image and exponentially the time grow up becasue of the hi definition and the different area calculation to compose correctly the reflection…
At beginn I dind’t really pay attention at this problem becase a small render als 800x550x require only 35/40 minute wth global illumination, AO etc…



And here the orther part of the main environment render…


Um, the horrors of the final rendering is ON!

I guess you’ve already finished the pass containing the reflections, but if not, a good starting point is to set the reflection depth in render options as low as possible - sometimes even as low as 2 can work, but then there are other cases where you need 3 or 4 in order to avoid weirdness… Then ray depth as low as possible of course, yet again depending on the amount of transparent materials… And usually one can get away with a slightly decreased accuracy by increasing the threshold (in render options) a little bit… going from 0% to 2% will often speed up things a lot without any visible loss of quality.

Anyways, good luck with the rest of the passes :thumbsup:



oh! that’s interesting… well yep reflection depth is set to 4 due to some number of reflections in windows by windows… but the threshold sound interesting… I will test it on the small glasses parts render, because Pyrocluster, reflections, trasparency and fine, small polygons just aren’t really friends… :hmm:

james :beer: ty !


Gah… no, they are certainly not friends. Be careful with the threshold thing though - some rendering purists claim it should never go above 0%… while my personal take on the matter is that if there’s no visible difference, there is no problem either.



wow jdd…monster renders! good luck!


Okay so now started the series of big renders. All the best for rendering process Keep going you are doing a great job:thumbsup:


Hey jddog, your work is so full of dynamics that I just can’t look at it without wishing to see your car crashing with the building in front. Great work.


Héhé Julien… I wish you the best for this particulary hard period of king Size Renders… I know that well… always very :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

But remain you time to manage that well… courage Juju :thumbsup:


Ok here is a partial screenshot of the 4000x2750px render size finally rendered!


Ah Julien - that sneakpeak on the final really looks fantastic! Wonderful work - congrats! :thumbsup:


This is Gorgeous Julien ! :eek:

The car deformation on the front is just perfect , I’m really stunned ! :bounce: