Spectacular 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


:: shakes, sabrina, SONIC-X
:beer: thanks for your support !

:: authentic
you point me in avery important part of the composition. Thanks. You have 100% reason and I have to take strongly care on this issue !

:: eddieellis
Thanks so much for you input… I will see what I can do for the street too…



Yep thats really true… thanks to passing here busy wabbit !


Here a test with explosion too… I tried to reduce the intensity of all lights generally and I worked a little bit the levels on the image for testing the main results…

Thanks again for all your previsu input, not all are in in this render test but for the next one I will take care to put much as possible all you very usefull inputs. In case any other C&C is welcome !

have a great friday night :beer: and champagne at all !



This is spetacular event,no doubt in that.
I go arround threads,there is handfull of people who missinterpred the subject of this challenge.
You as sure didnt.
Keep sharp JDD.
Regards and respect,A I R.:smiley:


WOW! :applause: :buttrock:

Realy rocks.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: speechless dude no words simply awesome:applause: somehow I feel that you can add little motionblurr to the glass particles will look more dynamic, just a suggestion:) .


Superb…a scene worthy of James Bond. Though I gotta agree about the glass with madshooter. Good work dude.


cool work :applause:


Really good progress Julien, it’s become very spectacular, like a lot all the background. Waiting to see some good update!:buttrock:


exellent image .chills out a man.all the best dude.


it is taking shape! all it needs is the explosion reflected on the building in front of it with some spill light. You are almost done dude!


very impressive, congratulation.

Travail très impressionant, félicitations.


awesome jdd!! terrific explosion. are you going to have some reflection of it on the opposite building? I think it would look great…


The image already has a strong immediate impact - which is just perfect. You could correct some of the red in the explosion and make it more yellow instead (I had the exact same problem :smiley: )



:: AIR, Madnsess, Super XCM, immortalx
Thanks so much for support and encouragements !

:: Madshooter
Motion blor and other dynamic fx will be done in the post fx session

:: dark_jedi_1929
Thanks you ! Like I told ad Madshooter, fx will be present :wip:

yep reflection to the other side will be a problem… like pointed before in comments from other use I have to take care that the main action on the image will be not cancelled by too much other fx in the image. In reality with this pov you don’t see any reflection to the other side… so at this time I will take care at your comment, but not sure if at end the reflection will be present.
In this monent the image have an axis of colors very geometric and I try to equilibrate this colors betweed warms (explosion) and cold (blues and dark colors)… :wip:

:: Shortgrey
Merci !

:: shakes
also like I answered at SNOWS… hee… :wip: thanks for comment !

:: JamesMK
well crazy wabbit… what a challenge use PyroCluster… I have to be agree with you. I will try to change and modify it (I must to do) but before I have to do a render into he final size and analise how PyroCluster material com out at final scale, the I will fine tuning flame shapes, colors gradient and mior other Pyro settings to come ut with something belieavable…

At this time i render a image at 4000x2800 px to view better all small details… what is preview in next updates are:

_ better and more complex texture in the street to avoid a so uniform material on the ground
_ working the Ambient Occlusion on buildings for the final render size
_ working on the fire flames
_ changing colors of cars and car position to bring the focus on the main action area without charge too much the ‘background’ and point the view to the action finding a better balance in the image…
_ check evey procedural texture at final render size if they are ok
_ … starting to prepare all post fx like blur, motion blur, eventually some dof too…


much apreciated all your enthusiasm on my work on this contest :blush: evey comment are usefull and is very interesting to read all your point of view and encoragements that’s help me… wow I havn’t so much time, but a lot of small details to work with… I’ve really to hurry up !



Let me humbly advise you to not care too much about the exact colouring in the raw PC settings. Just render it out and fix the rest with the “selective colour” adjustment tool in Photoshop instead. Saves a whole lot of time and headaches :thumbsup:



Absolutely agree with James on this…fix it later a bit with color correction Photoshop…
Awesome work …Juju :scream: (Blame Lemog…he wrote this first…heheheh)



nothing else to say but… this is :thumbsup:


Fantastic progess, everything looks great. I love the effects, especially the lighting effects in the explosions and the reflections in the glass. The only suggestion I would make is to move the car further away from the building (but that is probably a ton of work). I think it would be even more spectacular if the car was in mid air, high above the street. However, it looks amazing as it is. Nice work on the challange. Alexi.


WOW ! Another project i don’t have the time to follow and now i’m really impressed to see how it has evolved, excellent work mate continue like this :buttrock:

I love the composition and lighting works, i really hope you’ll finish in good places with this one !