Spectacular 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


That’s really impressive image :thumbsup:


hello friend, wow the explosin is awesome, the composition is looking so great!, i think maybe the lights of the car need some work, look to thin at the starting point, but all the other things are just amazing, congrats for your results mate!


I agree with rattlesnakle …in all parts…it looks great Julien…, just fix a bit the car lights. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


ohh man thats awesome :open_mouth:


::Sergey Banityuk, Sonic X, (o)ne
thank you so much

:: Nomad
Oh yes, cars an some boxy low poly people will be added in the street…

:: Super XCM

:: rattlesnake, Dimitris
yep you have reason to point me on this…




:: hindus
thanks !


Very very good work julien!:thumbsup:
I like the explosion fx (maybe in the final version set more blur) and the skyscraper texture a lot!
I’m only perlplexed about camera position, the image seems to be too symmetric. It is very hard for me to find a better solution to suggest to you, but this is my sensation.
I want see the final image soon!
Good work!


here just a view of the super low poly people and some small car for the street ground environment… of corse I will not put only red cars…


Very good poses for the characters! They have much expression even as lowpoly as they are - really good work!


Looking good!

I d make the car lights begin wider (the light beam begins very narrow and widens)!
Hope you undersand what i mean:wise: :eek:


Very good low stuff Juju… that works very good… agree with Sergio about car lights… ça déchire bien, bravo :thumbsup:


Nice work on the low poly models Dog. Those people look good enough to work in the mid- ground. :slight_smile:


Ok here another ‘general’ test with cars, people on streets, new reflection texture. I have to work on cars light on the ground: at this time I noticed that they are too strong and I have to much light in the street… and at same time I loose a lot of environmet colors (the blue/red evenig color map that I’ve placed in the sky object)…

any C&C is welcome…


:: Lorenzo 3D
Of curse blur and other fx will be present, but I will do this all in the post fx sessions.
For the camera… I understood what you mean… well hard to tell you now what I can change. Probably with the final image (when all 3D elements will be fixed) you will have another perspective… we will see…

Ty so much ! Yep they are really extremely low poly without bones, just a sphere in every conjuctions, but easy to pose and easy to generate 150 people (they are present now)

:: Sergio
are they better now ? did I correctly understood you ?

:: Lemog
merci :wink:

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@ later


hey jdd- great stuff! this is such a great camera angle. the cars and people below look really good-nice simple low poly models.I agree with you about the lights of the other cars being too bright. I still really like looking over all the nice details you’ve done here- for some stange reason I really enjoy also the street texture/road markings alot - nice work!


You’ve been busy the last days - with very good results!:thumbsup: I like your low polys - very efficient and good looking. I agree that some parts of the scene are getting too bright…



Passing through the compliments; I’ll said that you have to be careful to focus the picture on the main car. I think that with your great fire it will work but if it is not enough, maybe you can lower the spotlights of bottom cars.


Hey JD thats looking suburb, my only suggestion would be that the street and env are looking really clean. i think some dirt, and maybe evan someone getting mugged on the street and bring the whole pic up another level…

but it is looking really cool though


Its starting to look awesome dude.All the little things makes it look realy good.


Looking good. I hear you’re on top of the car lights issue, so that will be cool too. I’d desaturate the cars on the ground a fair bit though, as they appear too colourful right now. Otherwise it’s looking ace, dude!