Spectacular 3D Entry: Julien Daulte


Wow:eek: ! Already very impressive explosion! :thumbsup:



Couldn’t say it better than Sabrina just did… awesome explosion, Julien :thumbsup:


I follow your thread since some times now but hadn’t post yet.
Your work is cool, with great ambience (very matrix like). The fire adds a lot at your scene. Keep it up.
mY only crit would be about the car jamp which are two simple and present in such a detailled picture.


wow - very nice…a feeling of vertigo seems to kick in from that angle if you look at it for too long! i felt like i was going to fall in…is this good?


Pouaahhhh , this is incredible :eek: :eek: :applause:

Glass debris are just wonderful , great great work mate.
Only the explosion I find a bit too red…
But yeah that’s truely spectacular , just WOW:bowdown:


great explosion and ambience, i think that this is a really good work:applause:


I like the distorted reflection in the windows, but to be pedantic I think the distortion would not be continuous between individual panes. Each pane would have its own distortion and slightly different angle. Does that make sense?
(to be even more pedantic, I think double glazed window tend to bow inwards in the middle due to the vacuum between the panes)


the explosion looks fantastic jdd! very vivid. Possibly it needs a bunch of very tiny glass fragments as well? one thing,- are you planning on having cars/people on the street below? it would add to the drama I think. wonderful work.


This composition is fantastic! You really have a sense of vertigo. The explosion reads really well too. Have you thought of elongating and bluring the debris and explosion cloud? This might re-enforce the trajectory of the car.

This is a great concept for an illustration – a car smashing through a highrise office window!


Mmm, the shards/chunks of glass are just perfect! I’ve been watching this one from the start, and I am absolutely loving the fact that you’re back in full swing and rocking once again :). The reflections in the buildings simply make me smile… the slight irregularities in the glass that give it the non-uniform reflection certainly add to the realism. Looking forward to seeing the damage on the car. Keep it up!



Nice angle on the action!


Each time it’s better Juju…

But I find some interest in the balistik’s remark… I don’t know if that can works in your case… but I find that as an interesting idea to test… that certainly can enriched a lot your scene…

Bon taf gars :thumbsup:


cool work :thumbsup:


wow. great job so far… I am sure this is going to be in the group of the best ones… I really like the image, it is really spectacular…

You might need to add some fire reflection on the other building, I reckon…

Comon… finish my wallpaper man…!



Oh my god, that last render looks superb!


First thaks all for you encouragement… and sorry for my bad english: I write like a dog… I hope that all my answers will be comprehensible :slight_smile:

:: Sabrina, Gunilla, melkao, dvelasco, the best, soapy
thanks so much for your kindness and support. Really apreciated :applause:

:: authentic
I hope when the scene will be coplete that you can feel perfectly the scene…

I think that a pretty cool sensation…

:: Zapan
Yes you are right. The render before I didn’t have reflection. Making reflection active I noticed that the fire ‘shader’ become too flat, extremely red with a gradient that go to a pink colour. I have to work on this… Thanks to point me on this!

:: basilisk
What you wrote here yes it make sense. Working lone for long time on a image sometime make me ankylose my self sometimes and you have point me on an important detail. Reflection cover more that 50% of images and tecnically and physically you have right.
This is a must to do for the next (or very next) up-date. Thanks so much for this detailed comment… About the vaccom of planes this part probably will be very hard to do… but I will took this in consideration

:: shakes
Yep the bunch of tiny glass pieces is to do, but probably this will be do on the post fx session. Fire shader mask a lot of glass pieces (if you see the broken glass render only psted some image before).
About people and cars on street… yes this is planned… probably I will work with extremely low poly/very boxy models until the camera is very far away from the street. Just for adding volumes with correct shapes… the scene like this is quiet empty and like you underline without a drama sensation…

:: harryb
Blurring and othe rminor fx are planned but only in post fx sessions. Every kind of object have is own alpha (buffer object) so I can separate and treat each fx separately…

:: imbusion
yep reflection will one of the next to do things like I answer at basilisk. Thanks so much for your critique and point me on this !

:: Lemog
Fat taf ! yep is a must to do thing… putain ça va faire beacoup de taf ça… (a lot of work…)

:: Nakary
yes and no about reflection on other building… well first I’ve to rework all reflections deformation, then I notice that the image is subdivided by a warm color (left) and a cold corlor (right)… depending on how image will evolve that can be a interesting things to use to balance more the image and make it more readable… anyway I will see what will happen after reflection modification

:wip: time to work on it @ later !


Good explosion! I like your color! With patches of light of a building look on much more real


Great work :thumbsup:

I not followed all the thread… will you add some “life” on the street ground? Looks empty and that kills all the image… IMHO if you put just some people and few cars that will be great.

Keep that way :bounce:


Your last render looks very impressive.Great explosiondude.Those ripples makes a huge diffirence to the scene.


Nice update here, looking really good so far, and i like the explosion, keep this way!!:thumbsup:

Waiting to se more!!

Keep it up! :beer: