Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


G’day Shakes, Awesome stuff from the land down under. This probably gonna be the best 3d tribute to Elvis. That burger looks so damm yummy, I’m putting on weight just looking at it. btw, it’s interesting how ‘Burger King’ became ‘Hungry Jacks’. I prefer the 2nd one though. Okies… I go find something to eat… Good on ya & keep rocking, mate :thumbsup: HAHAH!


Good looking food Shakes. It reminds me a bit of that plastic food you see in the windows of japanese restaurants.


thanks everyone!

makaron: thankyou- good point about the sauce-funny how you forget these things…great having your advice!

denverbs: thanks! fried peanut butter sambo nearly ready…!

JamesMK: ta James! yeah, I’m probably wasting too much time with this, as you’re right,
the food will be as big as a freckle in the final render! it’s just a bit of fun at the moment.
starting to panic a little so must move on today.

Digital_Rebellion: cheers mate! thankyou- I’ll render these all together as a still life later, just for fun! long live the burger king!

soapy: thanks soapy, good description-it’s unlikely I’ll nail total realism with these, and
I’m honoured if you think these look like the japenese plastic food-always been fascinated by those shop window displays.

Yep, it’s time to panic a little I think.I’ll finish off the fried peanut butter, and do a quick fries and donut, then better get back to finishing Elvis and starting the cherub.
there’s LOTS of decorative detail to do on Elvis, and I want to get that right.

cheers, shakes


Are U going to open a MAC Presley or a MAC Shakespeare ?


haha-you jogged my memory! here’s one I did years ago! I was kinder then


I obviously have a long held affection for the big guy!!


Evidently some seriously deep shit going on here in terms of hang-ups :smiley:



here’s his personal favourite!


MMMMM Tasty!!!:slight_smile:


hey Shakes!
Great work man, can’t wait to see final…you must be frikn busy busy.
Fried peanut butter sandwich looks gruesome…
Must catch up for that beer one day.
speak soon


hehheh-lucky for you James, I can’t upload mucic here !! I think you’d just love “Elvis’ Christmas singalong”


Hey James- great to see you here mate! yep, it’s a bit tight squeezing this all in-getting up at 5.30 am now…yik! Still got time for beer though!!


HAHAHA! I love the concept. Very original.

The bread on the sandwich is a little shiny, but who knows what bread looks like in heaven :wink:


beer beer and more beer
We’re on hols next week for 2 weeks so maybe after that?
best of luck with the rest of this…looks tres scmick!
very much can’t wait till the comped vers is knitted together :bounce:


thanks Lynk! yeah, I’ve got to make a few adjustments here and there, but you’re right…you ccould render what you like in heaven!
James- have a great holiday(I didn’t know you slept- let alone take holidays!!!)…see you for a few when you get back.

had a bit of fun and stuck all the food in an old still life scene…still gotta do some fries…

“Still life with greasy gunk”


I don’t know how you did it - but you actually managed to make that pile of junk food aestetically pleasant. :smiley:

The still life is wonderful - I’d love it for a poster :applause:


hey thanks gunilla! must be the ambient parisian background, eh? if you’d really like one I’ll do a larger render overnight for you.


Ahhh, yes! If you got the time - I’d really love it - it’s so cool :love:
And yes, the background does a lot -very stylish!


no probs Gunilla-I’ll crank it up! just about finished some fries so I’ll add them too.should be ready tomorrow.


Haha, the fried peanut butter sandwhich was surely a must, I wondered when that would show up. Great work and cool concept, should be a good’un…