Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


Yeah this is funny, love the lips!


Excellent John !
WE WANT the final image NOW !


damn… that king it’s so spectacular!! very amazing work !waitin for the final one…cheers



hey, thanks everyone-really relieved you like it. I’ll give a more detailed reply later.
Final is ready-just got to write some words for the pic.
will definitely upload today.cheers, shakes


heeeelp! I’m having a nightmare trying to work out how to upload- I know nothing about web coding stuff… does anyone know an easy way to do the FTP stuff?


The ftp thats easy to use

just click that link and then follow the easy instructions

regards Dimitri


Bloody awsom mate!!!
thats the funniest entry by far!

congrats on a job well done!



Heyaa Shakes, relax, it’s a lot less complicated than it sounds… you just need an ftp app (I use coffecup it’s free just go to download.com or similar) Then you need to add the server details for cgtalk, connect to the server, upload your .zip file as per the instructions from your email or go to the sticky at the top of the entry threads page from mibus, all the info is there… If it gets messy nudge a geek at the office and get a hand yeah… The king needs inning for sure;)

You also need to upload a final image as you normally would your wips, this time with your accompanying spiel…

Take it easy and good luck mate;)


thanks guys…I’ll try- got me little story ready and everything!


Elvis lives! and he’s not just alive, he’s living forever! On his arrival at the Pearly Gates after his untimely passing, (Elvis despite his flaws was a good ol’ god fearing man) God excitedly greeted him with a triple cheeseburger with extra cheese and a freshly fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.He even let him keep his treasured gold plated colt 45 handgun “as long as you only shoot cocacola cans” he said.

It turns out God was a big fan,and was very touched by all the religious hymns and christmas carols Elvis had sung on Earth, and decided to give him an extra reward on top of eternal life- a never ending supply of his favourite junk food, delivered 24/7 by a devoted team of little Elvis cherubs. Of course, he continued to pile on the pounds, but God gave him one extra gift- no heart attacks in heaven! So Elvis lives forever… Spectacularly!

Well, I never thought I’d finish this, and without all of you being here showing enthusiasm and support, I don’t think I’d have got it done. I’m really glad I did finish- my first CGchallenge - how excitng!
it’s been fantastic meeting you all and seeing all your great entries too! thanks!


Amazing job. I enjoyed getting to meet you and follow your progress in this thread. I think you did a great job and wish you the best of luck.


Ahhh, Elvis lives! :bounce: Congratulations John!

This has been a marvelous thread to follow and the endresult is fantastic! Good luck with the jury :thumbsup:


I definitely agree with Gunilla…this is awesome.

Congrats for an awesome finish …Elvis Rocks… :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Super nice Shakes. An absolute funny classic! You nailed it.
Cheers, good luck.



One of the most funny picture around , but still really well done , Nothing to crit !!

Best of luck for you John and your KING !

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bounce: :bowdown: :bowdown:



I’d like to say ‘I knew it from the start’ but that’d be a stretch… I could tell something different was a happnin but mate, I never could’ve guessed how far you’d take this… I think you nailed the spectacular aspect down and injected a deep sense of (bent) humour:applause: that makes the image really stick in the mind… It was great to watch this unfold over the last few weeks and I really dug doing the do with you… Hopefully you’re hooked and you’ll be back for the next ones;)

Rock on mate:buttrock: and good luck with the jury…

Long live the king!


in your own, funny “shakie” :arteest: style…
your showed us the King :bowdown: and his heaven…

and it looks [color=cyan]spectacular… :bounce: [/color]


Hey John,

you’ve finished, so

:bounce: Congratulations!!! :bounce:

Your scene is amazing, your thread was always appetizing and a pleasure to follow,

all the best wishes from me!!



LOL! Congrats, Shakes - excellent job, great final image :thumbsup:



Congratulations John… really weel done… all is here… originality, quality and fun… best wishes for you and your entry, that’s great :thumbsup: