Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


here’s the final mesh.


I’ve added the pizza, some more baubles, and decided to give up on making the hair realistic-
just made it more stylized and gave it that blue black sheen. do you think I need fries? there’s a space between his legs!


DaddyMack: thanks mate…beer time soon- we’re near the end!!

Gunilla: haha- you must have been writing as I was blurring! glad you like! I’m relieved.


Woo! This is looking fantastic! Its coming together really well now.
My only crit is that the shadows on elvis are a little strong and black considering hes up in the clouds.


Hey … Wow , the render is beautiful !

Keep up the great work, almost done now !!!


OK now you’re just showing off…:wink:

Where’s the button to make his suit light up?

It’s going from strength to strength mate… Rock on:buttrock:


Great work work Shakes! I was wondering what you were going to do about feet, the clouds did the trick perfectly. It all hangs together very nicely. So he just opens his mouth and leans his head back when he needs a pick me up? hahah.


AndyH: thanks heaps Andy!- good to have it pretty much done. I lightened him a tad, but a bit scared to touch it much more…! It’s meant to be more high kitch than realism, anyway.

Zapan: thankyou very much!

DaddyMack: haha- make hay while the sun shines!

soapy: great we’re finishing together, and I’m glad you approve.

more piccies in a sec…


What a hoot! This is tops mate!


I thought these little guys were working so hard they deserve their own scene!


here he is pretty much done I think-(hope!)
I’ve added a’ TCB’ (taking care of business’) zipper handle (thanks Mona!), a zipper, more detail on his suit, redid the belt buckle with jazzier type, and just a general checkover.


and here’s biggy in all his glory!


Perfect! I love it. 5 stars from me :wink:


this image can “almost” wanna make me listen to the King… :stuck_out_tongue: I like the diffrent faceexpressions on the little foodserving bumblebee´s…

well… it looks like the King got his kingdom, that he living there in peace and harmony, doing what he loved most… :bounce:


Yeah ! This is huge :bounce: ( I think it’s the right word)
The “Royal Jewelry Guard” zipper is a good addition !

Ready for upload now ?


Boahaha! I don’t know wether to be disgusted or charmed by this one - I suppose that’s what’s making it so great :scream:

You did it! Time for uploading now?


Great work buddy it came out relly Nice:)
Try to render it with diffrent clouds colors try purple or red it will make it more fantasy
Good luck:thumbsup:


Fantastic Shakes, it’s been great to follow your workflow, i’ve learnt heaps from you. Good luck with the final render. Truely Spectacular.


Monumental in every way. What a pleasure this thread has been to follow. Congrats. :thumbsup:


Hahahah, one the funniest images of this contest, well done, good luck mate