Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


the lighting is all quite simple really- just 2 spheres
surrounding the scene with my favourite doschdesign 223 HDRI mapped on.One for Illumination and one for GI. all the cherubs have keylights for their eye highlights, but they’re limited to just the pupils- everyting else gets lit by HDRI.


:thumbsup: btw we have the same favorite HDRI image… I really wait for the render now !


makaron: aww-glad you’re happy Mona-I’ll put a bit more glitter in just for you!

jddog: hey jdd-classic! the 223 is a goody eh? I’ve always just kept coming back to it-
seems to suit almost everything.


here’s the compiled render straight out of Cinema4d-a few modelling errors to correct in photoshop,plus of course colour adjustment. generally, I do mostly all my face texturing in post-I usually don’t have time to unwrap UV’s, and certainly don’t now!


I usually always render most objects seperately,with alpha channels and compile in post- it speeds up the rendering alot, and gives you much greater options in postwork.
plus it’s lots of fun, putting together a big jigsaw!


Bravo :applause:

Congrats for bringing him this far, John! And now it’s only to shake, rattle and roll!
I know what you mean about the community pushing you further - I’ve been about to give up several times myself but being encouraged by you guys :slight_smile: So now, enjoy those last few steps!

“Love me render… love me true”


hehe buffers… :wip: just don’t stop ! continue… !


:scream: supa LOL… haha


thanks Gunilla and jdd! (vfunny lyrics Gunilla!) yeah, it’s really been a motivating force having a support from you all here. I really was scared I wouldn’t finish this…maybe the deadline is too long- I got a bit relaxed with the three month thing, but it really creeps up on you, my God!! I think the best thing about this has just been meeting you all- top fun!

now, before beddybyes, a bit of good ol’ cheating-setting up a high res render of the baubles that I can copy/paste on his suit. should have something flabby and pretty to show tomorrow I hope!

cheers, shakes


This is coming out very cool and I love the chair you made. My only crit is that the two kid elvis’s on the right look like they are standing and not flying. Possibly you could lean them forward some to make it look like they are in flight moreso. In addition, although this is not too big of a deal, I think the wings on the kid elvis’s should be a bit larger. They aren’t very easy to see. Hope those help. Great work!


killer render shakes, looks like it will be fun to play with in post;)


gardogg: really good point, gary-I might do that- I definitely think the wings could go a bit bigger. maybe will try to move their legs a little too.

DaddyMack- cheers matey! hope yours is cooking! I’ll have a peek.

just trying to find some high res clouds now.


haha… :stuck_out_tongue: I just saw the reflexshadow in his glasses… :cool:


this is the photoshop work so far-I’m actually really happy to get out of the 3d workspace! I enlarged the wings a bit. still lots of tinkering to do- will add some motion blur on the wings, and might have to fake the hair…didn’t go with Shave /Haircut in the end.
3 days left…haha- can’t believe I’ve got so much time on my hands!!

p.s: I’m on a Mac- how does it look brightness wise on PC monitor?


I’m on mac too, sorry… but here it looks perfect for me… John what a fantastic elvis here and the environment is so fine :thumbsup:


as far as I can see it looks just fine on my PC… :slight_smile: like the size of the clouds… makes the King looks even more hugely fat… :eek:


• :twisted::twisted: Damn! where is the PIZZA?? :banghead: hahahahaha, looking pretty Nice John, you are at one step of giving the king an exceptional eternal life, so Let’s Finish him! :beer:


jdd: thanks so much mate! nearly there, just some more tinkering. Oh, what luxury…almost 3 days!!

Makaron: thanks Mona-I’m going to put more shiny things on his arms and legs too!

Climax: gosh yes, thanks!.. the Pizza-I made too much food(EP wouldn’t agree!) maybe there’s room for a slice in the little ice cream cherub’s right hand…and the fries!! maybe down by his legs? or would that be too much…?



Looking absolutely mental mate!

Loving your cartoony stylin:buttrock:

Brightness is sweet here



Looking good on my PC screen! The cloud really looks well - and the overall colorset suits the topic perfect. Maybe some slight motion blur for the pills?
Ahhh - this is just great :thumbsup: