Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


Yesss! The king is here! The gun is great! All of this work is great!


On the home run Shakes, your image is awesome, can’t wait to see the final result.


Love that throne - suitable for a King!


That’s hilarious. Good luck on the final!


Mental! The throne really reeks of spectacularity, as does the gun… Somebody just hit their straps!

A whole lotta shaking going on!:buttrock:


I´m talking cover here, have a feeling that the belt buckle arn´t gonna hold for the pressure… :eek:

and that color of the throneseat goes very well with the Kings underweardots… so as the gun matches the throne… :bounce: nicely done shakes…


crikey! top support everyone, thanks!

soapy: glad you like mate!

SNoWs: thanks snows, appreciate it!

daWinky: thanks Sabrina, the environment will be a sky with clouds, and he’ll be sitting on a cloud-they’ll be photographs that I’ll photoshop

jddog: thanks jdd-haha- don’t be nervous…that’s my job! scene MUST be done today.

gpepper: thanks -yes, the time is nigh…no more sleep for me!

SpaceTik: thanks Jojin-this one’s gonna be tight buddy…! but we’ll get there.

medunecer: thanks…the gun was fun- good to see you back here.

handlebar: thanks matey- it feels like the home run…but maybe home is hell!!

Gunilla: LOOOVE those smileys…what a classic!

dern: cheers dern, thanks for looking!

DaddyMackster: thanks for your great support! and yours is nearly there!

Makaron: glad you like Mona-I might glam up the gold a bit more- make it a bit more kitch.

So folks, off to put the scene together, as I’ll need the weekend for rendering.
I won’t be able to put all the detail I wanted, and I’ll have to cheat a bit in photoshop
to get this one through…what am I saying? I always cheat in Photoshop!!

see you real soon, shakes


Good, good, really good this guy on the throne, great work also with the throne, the material used and the modeling are good, congrats. You is going to the great scene. :beer:


thanks alan- must be fun sitting back with your challenge done early, good boy!
here come’s more…


well, I see light at the end now- this is all I’m doing to him- I’d love to add more details, but no more time, sadly. alot of the extra detail I’ll add in photoshop, like a few more decorative bits on his suit, and I’ll fake a zipper and necklace.
now all I’ve got to do is add some detail to the cherubs suits, pose them, and I can start rendering.

final composition coming in a few hours.


lol… Cool mate! Love the rhinestones;) Good luck running the home stretch… I’ll be watching here for sure


thanks Dads…I’m feeling more relaxed now- got up at 4 this morning freaking out, coz I’m also juggling a freelance job-the big elvis has been a burden-seemed like endless @#**!! work to do! but now I won’t touch him again till I see him as a Photoshop layer!! yipee.
the lighting is a snip, as I just use HDRI-really quick.(the setup, not the render!)


Hope you’ve been at the beach while that render crunches out mate:cool:


haha! if @#*!! only!! I’ve been slaving away arranging cherubs! But Elvis is rendered, and so is the chair- I went quite big so I’ve got good resolution to play with-4657x6372.
I’ll just reduce it for the final…can’t believe I’m saying the word final!


finally, phew! it’s all together. thanks for your patience everyone. Some of the scale of the food may be a bit out, but I’m rendering everything in seperate parts, so I can get it all perfect in compositing.


Hahaha! I love this piece! The little hotdog Elvis totally cracked me up :scream:

Looks like it’s going to be finished in time too, great :thumbsup:


thanks Gunilla! it’s all easy street now I hope-thanks heaps for your loyalty…I nearly gave up a few times…but,you all kept me going. safely in the land of photoshop VERY soon.
one of my favourite parts of the job! rendering off the cherubs now. can’t believe I’m nearly there!!


Bohahahaha :scream:

It’s an hilarous thread … These little Elvis are just too cute.
Bravo Shakes for this very funny subject…
I can’t wait to see the render of this bad -rock n’ roll- boy !:thumbsup: :bounce:


thanks Zapan…the little guys are rendering away…glad you find it funny!! I’m SOOO happy to be rendering!


shake, rock an´ render… :buttrock: yeah… :bounce: and the pattern on Elvis jumpsuit is super… I just love glitter and shiny stuff…