Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


Denverbs: thanks Alan, congrats on your final- looks brilliant.

Cartesius: hi Anders! great seeing you here-haha- lurking’s the way to go with this,my updates have been sooo slow. the end is nigh, though!!

jdd: heh, you better believe it- the flab has been driving me nuts, both having to look at it every day, and the sheer size of it on my screen- I’ve got a 23 inch monitor, but I need bigger! congrats too on your very brilliant image jdd. now you can sit back , grab a beer and watch me sweat!!

Gunilla- looove that junk food icon!- you make it?

Makaron: coming shortly Mona, got a bit carried away with making a handgun…maybe a waste of time, but fun!

cheers, shakey


wasted about 3 hours making this- but had to be done! found this really cool elvis gun engraving on the web…


I finally finished most of the modelling and taken Elvis out of symmetry- now I’ll adjust it a bit to make it less symmetrical. (and more cherubs to come- this isn’t the final composition)

I’d be interested to know if you like the scale of the cherubs to elvis- I need to settle on it as I’m using shave and a haircut for the hair, and it’s a hassle changing the hair scale once it’s set


I would say this gun is the ice on the cake, but I learned today from Lemog that it is the “cherry on the cake”…anyways, this comment fits well in your thread I think:D . Really good work with this detail…:cool: . Can’t wait to see your whole scene…:bounce:



Great update Shakes. So stylin! The gun is sweet. And I especially like the posture of the kid holding the ice cream, like he is carefully balancing a precious cargo…


thanks Sabrina, Elvis and guns have got to be together! glad I did it now…now I can really start getting it together

soapy: cheers mate-a race to the end with you and me- yipee! I LOVE your challenge entry!


I think the scale of the cherubs to the Elvis is about right… it´s so nice to finally see them in the same scene…

Long live the King :bowdown:


Likewise. And I am really feeling the pull of the finish too. When you get close to having a good image it creates a little excitement towards the end. It is goin down to the wire for sure!


good luck with yours too Mona-it’s looking georgous- you’re on the last lap too with soapy and me!


we can have our own little challange, who will cross the finishline last, fat Elvis, tagged Biggy or the lovesick Gnom :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW is the bellybotton gonna be a black hole?


After the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I feel me and Elvis have got something in common, and I ain’t talkin about the gun. It’s cool to see that it’s starting to come together.


Ooh - that’s a sweet gun! The way it’s stuck in the belt right beside that buckle is so cool - the King himself couldn’t have planned it better. The size for cherubs is about right I think, maybe just a tad bit bigger … and diamond for his bellybutton, yes?

And no, I didn’t make that food icon - it’s from my newly found treasure place for smileys
Great place to dig at when rendering :smiley:

I’m already looking forward to your next update :thumbsup:


Makaron: haha- I think fatty will be last for sure! and yes, I’ll fill belly button in a bit- unless you like it like that!

3d_Explorer- hey! my favourite fatso! I’m sure it was worth it!

Gunilla: glad you like the gun-I must admit to a bit of a politically uncorrect love of handguns-particularly the colt 45 auto!!
love that smiley site!

here comes the throne…


a throne for the king! I thought it would be funnier to have him already holding some food- gotta adjust those fingers yet.


Hahah, awesome throne!


yeah that throne turned out really nice.:thumbsup:


Hey John,

good work with the throne:thumbsup: …already some ideas for a heavenly environment?



Shakes… oh yes… you too like soapy time to run ! Comon I’m so nervous to see it finished… !!!


Time is short John ! let’s go ! This picture will be really cool !


hehe, looking awsom man! must be getting close now…

I know you wont miss the deadline… too professional for that! but don’t leave it too late all the same man!! :slight_smile:

rock on!