Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


I agree with everyone above, I wouldnt worry too much about the food, it works fine. Like guniila said you could blur it in p-shop or even try a quick blur on the meat textures in bodypaint and see if that smoothes it out. Maybe something to save for the end, time permitting. But no worries. Cheers.


I’ll chime in too on the food, works well in my eyes. Good enough to eat.


he he,. cool little food elvis angel.

Nice food, I’m getting hungry,. must find burger:scream:


thanks again everyone…

makaron: ah, one of God’s little miracles that those little wings can carry that much weight!

DaddyMack:thanks Dad-you’re right, it will look better when he’s fully textured and a bit shiny-I’ll be putting a gold beaded mini eagle on the front of his jumpsuit for some colour.

DimitrisLiatsos: hey, good idea- I’ll put stars on his belt

denverbz: thanks Alan, glad you like the lil guy!

jddog: thanks jdd-your challenge is tops!

Gunilla: good idea about the blur and slight glow- will give that a try.

JamesMK: thanks James, appreciate it…and I guess the food will only be quite small in the final image.

handlebar-: thanks mate! good to see you again!

soapy: thanks soapy-good luck with finishing yours-I’m loving the latest updates!

3d_Explorer: thanks Raymond- I’ll send a supersize your way!

3d-empire:thanks-enjoy that burger!

currently I’m back to the big Elvis mesh…trying to neaten up all those folding polys…
spent this morning surrounded by elvis’s backside…yick! hope to have a scene rough to show you all sunday or monday…fingers crossed!
cheers, shakes


yuk…it’s a horrible job waking up to this…but someone’s gotta do it!


think about me then… soon bedtime here… nightmares tonight I guess… :eek: haha…


sorry bout that Mona…not a nice image to go to bed with! try this one!


Hah! Nice Cameltoe…

Some Flabtastic™ work there mate;)


haha DaddyMack- ooh Elvis cameltoe…a horrible thought. ‘Flabtastic’…I like it!


a bit better… :bounce: puh
but your version of Elvis make me laff, that´s not to bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh Elvis nasty! Get to a tailor, sheesh.

Yeah the camel toe jumped out at me too. Androgeny has set in.

I guess you are what you eat he seems to be taking on the shape of a triple burger. Hhaha.

Funny stuff.


I love the new updates! The little elvis looks just about flawless, although I would use a more skin-colored texture on him because he looks too pale right now.


yuk…it’s a horrible job waking up to this…but someone’s gotta do it!

Haha, well I’m glad it’s not me! Good work with those greasy folds - and the dotty underware is a delicate touch :thumbsup:

… is that a diamond in his bellybutton? If not, perhaps there should be?


Still busy with daytime work? You will manage to finish in time, right?

“A well I bless my soul
What’s wrong with me?
I’m itching like a man on a fuzzy tree
My friends say I’m actin’ wild as a bug
I’m in love
I’m all shook up
Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah!”

Just stopping by for the daily dose of fastfood and a lustful look at our King. :smiley:


sorry for the late reply nice people!..

Makaron: hope you didn’t get nightmares Mona!

Soapy: haha- never hought I’d ever see an Elvis camel toe! yik

gardogg: thanks gary, the skin tone is just a test-I’ll flesh it out properly

Gunilla: haha- I like your song!

well, the good news is I’ve taken the next 4 days off work, so I’ll definitely be able to finish this.I’ve also got the weekend for photoshop work so it’s all doable. sorry this has dragged on so inconsistently…but Elvis will Live!

today I’ll put a pattern on his suit, and mock up the layout.



Hi John, great update, i love this guy. Congrats mate :applause:


The KING lives!!

I’ve been in serious lurk mode these last weeks but I’ve been following your progess all along and it’s looking just great!

Now buckle up and get the old geezer done :slight_smile:



:argh: oh yes…


That is excellent news! We will be here waiting for his arrival :slight_smile:


holdhing mi lttle thumbs forr a updat son? as you see in my spelling… hope it comes today so I can be read understandable of the rest of the comunity… :bounce: