Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


like father, like son :)… heaven’s little angel:twisted:


Mini me !
yessa ! it is good John !


I like the sunglasses and kid elvis alot! The kid looks really lazy and tired because of the way his eyes are drooping. I’m not sure if that is what you are going for, but if so, nice job on that.


Hahaha, good.

John, better and better. You are creating great characters here mate, i loved:bounce:. I’m impatient to see your scene, common:bounce: . Congrats my friend waiting for more :applause:


The little Elvis’s are perfect. I am definitely hoping there will be a herd of mini soapys waiting for me in the great beyond, to fetch me ice cream and bar-b-que beef pizza. :slight_smile:


Long live THE KING! hahaha love the concept (down to the awesome sculpture), and the kid Elvis is great. Hadn’t seen this one before. Good luck! BTW, are you going to add a layer of “specular grease” to the burger, pizza, etc.?


thanks everyone!

Maxter: thankyou, he’s a chip off the old chocolate chip cookie!

gpepper: don’t think he’ll be ‘mini’ for too long if he has some of the food!

gardogg: thanks gary- I wanted that sleepy look…like he’s had too much MSG!

denverbz: thanks Alan, and congrats agin on finishing your fantastic scene…hopefully some of your hard work will rub off on me!

soapy: ah, soapy, if I was God, I’d give you whatever you wanted!

dvalesco: thankyou! running out of time a bit, but when I start the final, there’ll be LOTS of specular touch-ups in photoshop!

cheers, shakes


Good luck for the finishing steps - we will all be here cheering for the return of the King :bounce:


may the King come soon… :bowdown:


Great idea the mini-elvis! I think the first idea in general was beautiful, but with the mini-elvid you’re adding the final, master-touch! I really like it! And, as usual, long live to the king!


here he is with wings- basically a much modified photo, alpha mapped on. just a test with a bit of photoshop texturing in post.
I may have made a mistake with the food , trying to be too realistic…I’m worried it doesn’t quite match him.
see what you all think!


gunilla, makaron and medunecer, sorry, meant to thank you guys earlier! to the king!


I think that the food match well for a kind and his servants… :slight_smile: and love those little wings. he is like a bumblebee… small wings, fat body… how in earth can he fly? cute touch… :bounce:
and now I´m hungry again… haha, midnightsnack here I come…


Heyaa Looking good mate;)

Re the food, I think it should stay as is… His skin shader seems to be the only real thing standing between the connection I think… He looks a little grey and flat to me. Also I’d consider colouring up his costume a little too… Either way out or subtle dunno…

Do they get ‘stuck on’ haloes?

Good luck mate;) Rock on


Wee…how did i miss this…just put some silver stars on his costume and a guitar on his belt and he is ready to rock…:thumbsup:



I love this guy, have personality, it’s just he need. Good work with mini-Elves mate :bounce:


ohhhh yes :surprised a very hungry elvis baby ! :thumbsup:


I may have made a mistake with the food , trying to be too realistic…I’m worried it doesn’t quite match him.
see what you all think!

So far I think it works quite well, very well actually! And, if in the end, you think it looks odd you might just blur them a bit in PS - maybe give the burgers some heavenly glow?

Ouhaa - I looove this sweet rockin thing :thumbsup:


OK, so maybe the hamburger meat stands out a little, but the other bits blend in well with the style I think. I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. Looking spiffy!



Great updates Shakes, little Elvis rocks.