Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


Ah, so happy to hear that - we need more Elvis!



Einstein is dead,

Elvis is not around anymore
and I am so hungry now :love:


Apologies for the lack of updates-been just too busy on other work…well, where there’s life there’s hope…of finishing!
here’s cherub face-the texture is temporary (just a quicky in photoshop) I have a whole day off today, so I’ll make the cherubs body and try and set up a scene.fingers crossed!


:argh:You are killing mate, very good and funny as usual.Nice work with the texture too Congrats mate :applause:


Heyaa Shakes, great to see you back attit again mate:thumbsup: And looking freaky too;)

I’m orf to drag my kids through the sculptures by the sea today… Good luck mae, I look forward to seeing the mess you make when I get back… Rock on:buttrock:


James, Alan and DaddyMack, thanks for the support, even though I’ve had no time-been seriously working 12 hrs a day for 3 straight weeks, so impossible to do anything.
I want to finish this, but probably will have to cut a bit of detail back. see how we go today!!



BTW…I’ve decided to make the cherubs true ‘mini-me’s’- I’ll have them in jump suits like the big guy-and big hair. partly to make it more humorous and partly hehheh, to cut down on the complex modelling…no feet, nappies, or curly hair to do!!


Hahah, the cherub is funny. At first when I saw it I thought what the hell happened to Elvis? I think it is a good idea and should work out nicely.


quick body for mini Elvis. hands and hair next.


here’s kid Elvis!


good characristic style i had never saw , greate modeling , keep it up :thumbsup:


those cherubs gonna be perfect to the King… :bounce:

seems like they eat the same food they serve… are they gonna fly with wings or without?


Ha! That is one cute mini-Elvis :scream:

I’m glad to see you back with this, and trying some shortcuts to be able to finish seems like a good idea - those cherubs are going to look awsome - keep going now:thumbsup:


Hiya John,

very good to see some updates from you, glad that you want to finish:bounce: . No crits from me, love this cherubs and I think they will work very well:thumbsup:



soapy: cheers mate! yeah- I should have thought of mini- me’s originally.

kreuz: thanks for dropping in! glad you like them.

makaron: thanks ms Guinea Pig!! they will have wings, I’ll do some little fluttery things tomorrow…

Gunilla: thanks Gunilla, good to be back, really hope I can make it- Probably lots of photoshop, and I’ll show you how much I love ‘Liquify Filter’!!

daWinky: thanks Sabrina ,I appreciate it. still don’t have much free time this week, but I’ll do what I can!

cheers, shakes


no crits… excellent ! Really a rock&roll baby :smiley:


Oh yes! We have baby elvises! I’m all shook up! Ahuh-huh!
Keep the pace up now, and you’ll walk right into the final image when you least expect it :thumbsup:



You’re very clever, friend. Excellent work as always.


Heyaaa!.. You just brought a huge smile to my face mate…:beer: Awesome to see our little big men are a happenin… As well as to see that you’re up and attit again so early on a Sunday Shakes;) I agree with James, I get the feeling that a final compo is approaching fast… Keep a rockin Mr Shakespeare:buttrock: This is bent…


jddog, JamesMK, 3D_Explorer and DaddyMack- thanks all of you for sticking by me …even though I feel the flow of updates has been poor. that’s life I guess. Next challenge, I’ll take 3 weeks off- too easy for work to get in the way.

DaddyMack, heheh… the early bird catches the deep fried worm! I figure if I get up at 5 and put in 1-2 hours a day, I’ll finish it. I will finish it! wings next.