Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


lol! I can’t wait to see Mini me elvis;)
Thanks for this little place you’ve created, it’s become a haven for those of us with slightly umm twisted senses of humour;)
Rock on Shakes:buttrock:


Hmm… I think I’ll take a burger while waiting for your updates…:smiley:
Cool work - I want to see more now!!!:bounce:



Ha ha,. nice work on Elvis and the food,…

looking forward to seeing the scene with “elvis” and food.:cool:

The pizza and slushice/shake looks a bit plastic, maby the straw smaller to make the cup seam larger.
funny one!


wow so tasty food… John that’s rocks ! very nice stuff and progress on your work :beer:


denverbz,DaddyMack, daWinky,3d-empire, and jddog, thanks for your constructive feedback and nice comments- sorry I haven’t time for a decent reply!

I’m completely bogged down with other work at the moment,but I’m desperate to put this all together and finish it. hopefully a decent update soon!!
cheers, shakes


You have to make an update soon! I come by here, every day at dinner time - I swear it’s the best diet, you should sell it of to some fitness magazine :smiley:

Seriously - if you would run out of time, that still life alone is spectacular enough for a final :thumbsup:


I’m just pumped to see you make the next steps mate… Ca’arn Shakes bring back the big fella!

O! and don’t forget to go see sculptures by the sea between Bondi and Bronte mate;)


haha Gunilla! that’s nice of you to say!- maybe I should sell it to a fitness magazine, ha.
I’m just overloaded with work right now…busier than a guinea pig in a cattery
but I have to finish this- I still have the option of taking a week off, so I will-
sorry for the slow updates!!


thanks DudeyMack! he’ll be back

yeah- I wanna see that giant fried egg on the beach.

cheers mate


such a cutie cheers mate. :bounce: …
and BTW your PMbox is full :stuck_out_tongue:


sigh, if only 3d was as quick as making these!


seems like you have a whole petstore in here soon… haha… such a cute bunch… :love:


As quick? You must be kidding - my guess is it takes half of a lifetime to learn how to do something like that… lovely critters :thumbsup:

So, wrap up your job, take some well deserved rest and then get back to us with more Elvisstuff - you have plenty of time left.


Shakes my man… You come across as a classic clown;):p:wise: LYW and I’d get a kick outta meeting you for a :beer: at some stage… Thanks for being such a crowd pleaser in general mate:bowdown: Now… where’s my elephant?.. I mean How’s the big fella goin?


makaron: hehe mona-if only I could just make cute animals forever!

gunilla: aww, thanks! they’re dead easy though-i find gifs very relaxing!

DaddyMack…haha- I do like to have fun… and I get bored easy…we should have that beer when all this is over! here’s a standby elephant…

I’ll be back on Fatso this weekend if all goes well.


Cheers big ears! You’ve got the gift mate;) Good luck with the big fella I hope he behaves for you;) uh huh huh:beer:


I think this is the question we all ask us right now: :smiley:

Just another way to say we need some updates… and by all means, no pressure :slight_smile:


Wow, food. Yummy. Anyway, I’m not sure what you’re going for but somehow the food looks more plastic than real. But modelling is way cool. :thumbsup: There’s just something so… um, plastic about it. Must be because it’s junk food.:slight_smile: Love your work, can’t wait to see it all together.


DaddyMack, Gunilla, Jepster2005…thanks for the support, and it kills me I’ve had no time to work on this-been working full time, plus a big 3d freelance job…eek, no sleep for last 2 weeks! I desperately want to finish this. I’ve got three days free at the end of the week which I’ll put into elvis. He’ll be back!
thanks, shakes


lol! Killer new avatar mate:thumbsup: