Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


gardogg,Gunilla and makaron, thankyou all! finally finished the ‘bulk’ of the food- might add some more later, but time now to concentrate on the rest of the scene.

I’ll be away for a week, so sadly I won’t be able to work on any more till then. I’m kinda glad the food is done and you all think it looks OK, as texturing the food was my big worry.

see you all in a week, and good luck with your own projects!!


here’s my final still life ala junk food!


:hmm: Looks Yummy :drool:although the pizza on its side is kinda looking wierd.
:thumbsup: Keep it up


You should use subsurface scattering on the bread if you can. Sorry, if you’ve already been told this. Keep up the good job :thumbsup: !

I’m so hungry right now, I could sure use one of these. I better go have a snack, I’m starving :drool: .


You could add a taco, too

Hehe, just teasing :wink:

Great work, delicious still!


Nice work Shakes. Those look like macDonalds fries, eeww evil. The triple hotdog is cracking me up, I bet that is a slippery bugger to eat.


I think the ice cream cone’s color should look more like this:

And the fries, donuts, and cheese can use some more specular highlight. They look a little flat right now. This small details I think will bring this food a long way. I don’t mean to nitpick! Love your work so far.


Lol ! That’s really fun man, this food is well done, keep it up :scream::thumbsup:


So cool! Really a good texturing! Looking at this image make me go to the kitchen! Great! I like the logo on the cup too! It’s fantastic! Maybe the foam in it is a little strange. Anyway you’re really doing a great job!
Which song of Elvis inspires you when you work on this challenge?



Pure evil you got going here Shakes;)

Keep em coming mate:buttrock:


Yeah, very nice progress so far. I really like your concept and the execution. In my eye you got one of the best cartoony/funny concepts in this challenge. It makes me laughing every time I visit your thread.
The food is well done and apart from a few things it looks very convincing. Like the others it kinda makes me go to get some food, it’s like hypnosis :smiley:

Go on my friend, just go on, I’ll be watching ya from time to time :thumbsup:


Yummy yum!!! …Bocatto di cardinale:)

Great John!!:thumbsup:


Hey John, I haven’t checked this out since I last spoke to you…Really awesome progress you have made on the food items. They are truly scary, reminds me of why I am a vegan. I will be having food nightmares tonight:scream: Lookig forward to seeing your elvis stuffing himself with food…


thanks for all the support everyone-just got back from a week off, which has cut the time remaining alot!! I’ll have to light a big hot fire underneath my chair, I think, and chain myself to it .hopefully I’ll have a decent posed elvis in the next few days to show.

3rd user: hi! thanks for the crit-I looked again and the pizza is not quite right…will adjust some more.

sergarge: hi sergarge-I’ve never used SSS before…er, maybe it’s about time!

lilCarar:heh heh-you’re teasing… gosh…should have a taco, but seriously running out of time!

soapy: hey soapy!
yes, Maccas are evil, but I keep going back for more…they must be evil!

gardogg: thanks for the good points…the cone ref I used was a bit lighter, but I think you’re right.!

cipher: thanks cipher!
extra fries for you!

medunecer:thanks! hmm… which song…maybe one of my favourite…american trilogy!http://susie1114.com/AnAmericanTrilogy.html (pardon the bad, but apt, sound!)

DaddyMac: thanks dadster! evil appetite indeed!

Texlon:thamks for the nice words…hopefully I’ll finish this sucker…

Maxter: thanks Maxter! glad you’re feeling hungry!

Zedorf: thanks heaps James- yep, vego probably a good choice compared to this mess…diet affirming experience?!



hurray, so we don´t have to starve, and hopefully I can see little chubby angels serving the food soon… :bounce:


Great news! :thumbsup:

I’ve missed my daily dose of greese, looking forward to see the Elvis in action now :wip:


hey, thanks mona and gunilla…I was going to resume work on elvis- but maybe it’s time to start a cherub-I’m freaking a little(I lie…ALOT!!) about deadline, so maybe that’s the way to go.mini me elvis coming soon!!


you go Shakes… :wip: I can sit here and wait. :stuck_out_tongue: infact I´m eating cookies to breakfast today, are I turning into a Elvis then… :eek: Hilfe! your fault Shakes with all your fastfood… haha…


enjoy your cookies Mona- don’t forget the chocolate chips will you?!!


Amazing! :bounce: Concept, skills and character are perfect, no crits my friend. I loved your avatar. I think that you could make an animation with this, no? Site, t-shirts… hahaha. Congrats mate. :applause: