Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


I didn´t know that Elvis and Madonna had been married… :eek: fun to see tho…
and the foodscene is so tempting, unlucky me… I have only youghurt for breakfast here…
the peanutbutter sandwich has a really good look to it, love the “toasted” textur… :bounce:


This is a very entertaining thread here with some great stuff in:thumbsup: …and now I’m getting hungry…:slight_smile:



So you’re getting up at 5.30 in the morning with a hangover to model fried food. I take my hat off to you Shakes. You Ausies are a tough breed. Great progress.


AAAAHhhhhhhh!! 3pm and still didn`t eat, your picture make me want run directly to get some fat hamburger,
really like your work in progress for this contest, just for the sandwitch it will be good to change the specular and glossiness for the bread part it looks little to much oily actually


Excellent !

I think I’m about to Puke…:shrug:


Swamps: thankyou- hopefully I’ll get it all done in time…starting to freak out a little!

makaron: haha - yoghurt- I’m sure Elvis never tried it, unless it was peanut butter flavoured!

daWinky: thanks! glad you have a laugh…and an appetite!

handlebar: heh, ’ go hard or go home!!’ is the aussie motto. had a sleep in till six today-hangover was slightly worse!

kingfish3d: get that burger! thanks for the usefull advice.

gpepper: - glad it’s working for you!

well, I got stuck on the food this week, and didn’t get nearly enough done. Time to go back to Elvis and finish off the modelling and bring on the rhinestones!
cheers, shakes


The King and the Material girl? Never!

That feast does look pretty yummey actually, except for the supersized sludge drink. It looks like it is on the verge of escaping. hahah

Nice work on the donut and pizza.


What a riot! I gotta check back on this thread more often, that sketch is a hoot and that food looks fantastic!


thanks soapy, glad you like the donuts-coming from mr. donut king himself!!

and 3dex…your avatar is the riot!! laugh every time I look at it!


Oh, so that’s what that was - a “fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.” I’ve had peanut butter on bananas, but never peanut butter on bananas on bread. And certainly never fried. Does anyone recommend it? It sounds pretty good maybe!


Hick-up! Shanks! Hick-up!


John, i loved that sandwich. Good work with the textures, no crits mate, better and better. Congrats :applause:


Sheakes, were are the fries? I´m kind of hungry here… :stuck_out_tongue:


Regarding fries, I was just thinking he should have some poutine. Poutine is this French Canadian concoction that has fries with gravy and cheese curds. Really tasty with about 40,000 calories per serving. Alas I doubt the King ever had any, but I am sure they serve them in heaven now. Maybe too Quebecois for Elvis? A poutine link for your info:


The correct way to make poutine, hahah:



This is such a yummy thread

A hot dog would fit in really nice :slight_smile:


gardogg: I’d be very afraid of trying fried peanut butter and banana!

3D_Explorer: heh…have one for me too…hic

denverbz: thanks mate!

makaron: fries are almost good to go!

soapy: you funny boy! you’re just trying to kill me with more @#*!! textures to make! great link!

lilCara: thanks for reminding me! how could I forget hot dogs!

cheers shakes


that’s a mouthfull!


WHAT! That is friggen hilarious. I’ve never seen or heard of a triple dog in my life and I can’t stop laughing. My stomach hurts. Thanks alot shakes!


Tripple hot dog for breakfast! Shakes, you’re spoiling us. :smiley:

Love that mustard, looks exactly like the kind they serve in cheap hot dog stands - perfect!

So, how about some cherry pie?


agree with Gunilla, You spoiling us Shakes, a great amount of goodlooking food… :thumbsup: