Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


LOL! Congrats, Shakes - excellent job, great final image :thumbsup:



Congratulations John… really weel done… all is here… originality, quality and fun… best wishes for you and your entry, that’s great :thumbsup:


it rocks :thumbsup:


Excellent !

Spectacular and funny ! :thumbsup:


Spectacular in every way. Cholesterol Capers at it’s very best.


hahaha, very cool!:thumbsup: Good luck and viva las hamburguesas!!:smiley:


Love it! like how the gun looks like its going to pop off his pant at any moment. No heart attacks in heaven.:slight_smile:


Yeah, hahahaha really spectacular and funny, i loved your work John. CONGRATULATIONS it’s a pleasure to see this picture. :applause: :applause: :applause:


Ha ha exellent hilarous image :applause: :applause: :applause:

Good luck for the final vote :bounce:


i liked the work.but the composition is very symmetrical.best of luck:thumbsup:


Yay!!! :bounce::bounce::bounce:



sorry for the late reply but got rushed back into work and needed some time to thank y’all properly-I seriously didn’t think I’d make this deadline, but because of your support…thanks a million!

gardogg: thanks Gary, it’s been great meeting you too, have really appreciated your input

Gunilla:thankyou Gunilla-it’s been lotsa fun, and thanks for your really great support!

3D_Explorer: hey Ray- thanks ol buddy! always good having you here

Ahmed Hosny:thanks alot- I sorta ran out of time to experiment with clouds, but good call.

ilusiondigital:thankyou, glad it made you laugh…I can laugh now too!

Steve-h: thanks alot steve…fries are on me!

DimitrisLiatsos: thanks very much! long live the BurgerKing!

Soapy: heheh- I had tons of fun doing this with you and comparing notes…roll on the next one.

Jaba153: thanks alot jaba…rock on!

dimi16: thanks for the ftp help…I’m a dill sometimes…

Zapan: thanks heaps for being here! I wish you many yummy cheeseburgers!

DaddyMack:thanks mate! it’s been great hanging out with you here and at your thread sharing tips- great haven’t forgotten that beer!

makaron: ah, thanks cute GP! been lotsa fun chatting to you- I’ll get that santa GP for you! congrats on your
beautiful pic

daWinky:thankyou Sabrina, it’s been really nice having you here and keeping me going.

JamesMK:cheers James! LOOOVE the new wabbit avatar!

Lemog:thanks heaps, and I appreciate all the feedback.

(o)ne: thanks alot for being here.

gpepper: cheers pfeiffer-sorry you didn’t finish- I loved that crazy man in glasses!

handlebar: thanks handlebar…always nice to see you. looking forward to your next work.hair in cinema 4d now…yippee!

SpaceTik: hey jojin- your little comment near the end really spurred me on- thanks buddy

Gonzalo Golpe: thanks so much and many burgers to you too!

SNoWs:if only no heart attacks on earth…I’d eat junk food all day . cheers.

deverbs: thanks so much alan, I’ve really appreciated your support here alot.

Nomad: thanks Nomad-glad it tickled you!

CUBISIS: thanks- good crit- I guess I was trying for that old icon look, which is a bit symmetrical.

Cartesius: thanks Anders! merry merry christmas to you!!

bit sad it’s all over- but there’s always next time…can’t wait!!

cheers, shakes


Excellent work. Congratulations to you for giving Elvis such a grande tribute. :thumbsup:


hehehe, very cool final picture ! Excellent work man ! :thumbsup:
COngrats and good luck to you !


hahaha,the genre is my favorit!
and very good execution,
i loved it,


I just took a peak at all the fastfood… I´m soo hungry…


nice concept and style very slick :slight_smile:
making me hungry :thumbsup:


Great! Elvis! i’ll laught all night :smiley:
Very original idea:)


correct ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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