Spectacular 3D Entry: John Shakespeare


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'Elvis Lives Forever’CENTER[/CENTER]

Hi everyone, my entry will be Elvis Presley in Heaven, living spectacularly forever! I’ve always been a big fan, but only the fat 70’s Elvis-apart from the fact I love all those soppy power ballads, I thought he was much more real and humanly flawed.plus much funnier to caricature!

I’ll have him on a throne, sitting on a cloud, surrounded by cherubs (no memphis mafia-they’re in hell where those bloodsuckers belong!) feeding him all his treats- burgers, shakes, fried chicken…you name it! I won’t age him, but he will be caricatured much fatter than he was- imagine Sumo wrestling style! I’ll base him on a clay sculpture I did years ago.there’ll be lots of detail, and rhinestones galore!

look forward to chatting with you all and workshopping this!


the clay sculpture:


Haha! Now that is a classy concept! Great!


LOL, that sculpture is killin me! I am happy you decided to enter. It will be great watching your project evolve.

Bring it on…


Nice sketch, I see he has gun up in heaven. Reminds me of the Cracker song “Can I bring my gun up to heaven.”

That sculpture is cracking me up, it looks like he is getting ready to pinch one off.


here is the concept sketch.I may fatten him even more, but this should be enough of a guide. Possibly thinking of a small army of cherubs in the distance carrying junk food.


Looks great shakes, not sure it’s what I’d want to send my family and friends but … hey … that’s just me


Elvis in heaven - now, that’s a great conecpt for sure! I see you already have him started in your avatar - this will be fun to follow :thumbsup:


This is my alternative rough , where rather than cherubs I have food with angel wings. I’d be interested to hear which one you all prefer.


parrot, thanks!

soapy, gotta have the gun in there-prob not very heavenly, but it’s an Elvis heaven…and I wanna make a gold plated colt 45 auto!

3dex- I guarantee it’ll look cute!

Gunilla, just did that avatar up quickly- the head will look more like the sketch-I just get bored with my avatars really quickly…might make a stunt elvis one, just for the occasion!


yeah ! I’m happy that you joint us in this spectacular adventure… your concept rock… :smiley: really… good luck John !


Oh yes, very cool concept! Cherubs or flying food? Hmmm… Difficult, as both approaches would work in the scene - he is in Heaven so the cherubs has a natural place but on the other hand one could easily imagine flying hamburgers there as well!



I definitely like the gun position in the second one better. It is not so much as if he just used it to blow out the TV or something. Or do they show annoying K-tel record commercials in Elvis heaven?

I like the flying food but perhaps the cherubs add a little more interest? Maybe the cherubs should be 13 year old girls? :wink:

“Can I buy you a cadillac little lady…”


The king is dead, long live the king! Just found your post Shakes, great concept, i like the cherrub idea.


I like how elvis looks in the version with the flying foods, but the cherrubs are more suiting. Then he also has people to listen to him ramble on about the old days, when he was like, thin and stuff. And… who is gunna pick up the remote if something gets dropped? A flying burger can’t do that! =)


Never a doubt in my mind :thumbsup:


great to have you all here! thanks for the support. I may pass on the 13 year old girl cherub though soapy!!Priscilla was 15 anyway!
I think the cherubs are the go, but on your advice soapy and zenithscope, I’ll go for the second pose, and the gun in his belt, or belly!


this is just a fairly quick mockup of his face, getting the features into position. tomorrow I’ll start adding more detail , perfecting the likeness,and getting the mesh right.


this is the final rough with parts of one and two.
I forgot pills, of course, so I’ve added another cherub with a jar of ’ medicine’ !


I’ve just realized that I am so far off base with what this render is that it’s laughably funny. I thought this was for the C4D Christmas Card challenge. I just couldn’t figure out what any of this had to do with Christmas … DUH!

Well, on that note, this is uber-cool. Love it :thumbsup: