Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


Do I detect a foot fetish … LOL


Thanks. Sure this will be that image.

I usually try to add something into my images to show scale and bring things back to reality. In this case maybe the floor will be enough or I will add something else.

Thanks. I will try and do some teddy bear feet and or baby feet. I want to do at least a few more sets of feet if not a lot more.

Hahah, you are the second person to think that. Maybe, I dunno?


hiya soapy

very cool and nice modeling as always!:thumbsup::thumbsup: !specialy the broken off foot looks coolest!
cheers man!


Ok Gunilla I made you some teddy bear feet. At least they are supposed to be teddy feet, but then I put in some claws to make them read as feet and they got ferocious. SPD fur.


Oh yes - thank you! They look great, claws and all - maybe the fleshy parts under the foot (don’t know the english name - sorry) could be pink?

So is this turning into a foot fetish kid’s collection? I really like this idea of imagining the whole figure just from the foot - cool concept!


Thanks! On animals I think we just call those fleshy parts the pads. Pink? hahah. ok maybe.

I also like the idea of not knowing what the rest of the creature looks like. My son asked me “where is the rest of that green monster?” haha So far I like the creature feet the best so I will try and build some more of those.

The idea wasn’t a foot fetish collection, but maybe it should be?


Well - I’m beginning to get the picture of some weird kid who secretly breaks his buddys toys to get hold of the feet - stashing them in a secret place and plays with them in solitude … haha, it’s wonderful how the mind walks off when it’s only fed little bits and pieces. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the next step!


hey soapy…these feet are FANTASTIC!! love em. the floor looks really good too.
cute concept about the kid and his foot collection. great stuff.


Another flooring test, I wasn’t very fond of the first one. I think this will work better. Once I get the texture tiles looking the way I want I am going to bake them and then overpaint them again as a group in bodypaint. Scratches and stains etc. This set up may be overkill but the poly count is low and I like the expandability of the modular approach. Thoughts?


I like this one better too. Maybe you should make it a bit more shiny - right now it looks like it could be a tabletop … maybe not important.
Great to see the alientoy back!


Thanks Gunilla. I guess I should have mentioned that this is just the colour channel. I will be adding reflection, diffusion, bump and another layer to the colour channel soon. I will try and beat it down so it looks worn in.


Great seeing a scene start! bring it on Soapy!!


More work on the flooring texture. I adjusted the colours a bit and added some reflection. Do you think there is too much reflection? Maybe I should drop it down or paint a quick reflection map in along with diffusion and drop some areas down?


AAhh, things are coming together now, good to see:) ! The floor is a little too reflective for my taste…let us see more soon!:bounce:



Reflections looks fine, try eventually to add a minor bump to affect reflections too… :wip: !


You’re killing me with anticipation! I can’t wait for the characters to start arriving on stage. From the snap swivel on the cloud to Marilyn’s droopy tin profile every detail has been clever as hell.
Let the party begin!



Reflections looks fine to me - goes very well with your style!
Will the rest of the toys be in or just a collection?


A minor update, I decided to make the floor one big texture map instead of seperate planks. It will be a lot easier now to add the other channels to the texture map. And it is almost as good looking. The floor map is 8000 x 4000 pixels. Maybe a bit bigger than what I need for this image but as always these parts wll be used for future images also. I like to overkill the floor since I often zoom in and need the resolution.


yeehar! they’re coming!! can’t wait to see the whole collection soapy.your characters look really fantastic…love the way you’ve gone a bit cuter with this- not that I don’t like your non cute stuff!


Thanks for all the nice comments folks. I will take care of all the good suggestions for the floor and get the maps painted out in the next couple days. I am happy that the major work on the new set has come together. I will be painting out the wall and the moldings with a simple beat up paint.

Good news, I do believe I have found my final storyline. Gone are the 50ft woman, burning man and arrival of the princess ideas. The new idea feels pretty solid to me but I am going to keep it secret for now since we are so close to the end it might as well be a surprise. Cheers.