Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


Nice to see that you are still here! And some nice feet too:) …a hard left turn…?
I just understood what you are planning to do and now you want to change it again…:scream: !? Okay, you’re always good for one more surprise…:bounce:



Haha! I’m so glad to see you’re up to some more surprises! Those feet are kicking :thumbsup:


I’m very happy to see finally an up-date. You are doing all perfectly! :applause:


I textured up the monster foot and did a few SPD tests. That is sub poly displacement. Here are the results, no SPD just straight displacement of course the fastest, but I think I will go with SPD set to subdision level 1 fairly reasonable at 21 sec. I am using cinema 4d 9.1. Subdivision at set at 4 went over 2 min, too slow! Besides I don’t think it looks as good as 2 or 3.


:eek: looks…interesting…Will we see the owner of these feets?!:bounce:



nope, just feet. :slight_smile:


The loafers with paint. Kind of dirty I guess, this toy has been through the ringer or maybe it is from a zombie…


hmmm… looks like Soapy gonna open a part-for-toys-that-need-feets-store :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep! Must be a foot-fetischist living in that place! … I’m just getting more and more curious now… which might be the general plan I suppose.
Really like what you’re doing here, Soapy! I’m hereby dedicate my current avatar to you :thumbsup:


very funny toy feet soapy! l love that green SPD too. can’t even imagine how all this will look together and I can’t wait! great to see you back


Heheh, thanks peeps. Well you will all just have to wait and see what transpires. I am not even sure what the image will look like right now. I can tell you that the chrome and plastic flying princess model is on the shelf at the moment. Next up is to build the set and there will be more feet too.

Thanks for the dedication Gunilla, I think I will build some baby feet. :slight_smile:


And some more nice feet:) …still curious…:bounce: !



Another foot, just a cheap plastic accessory. The laces were a bit on an experiment, they were modeled on. I think for not too bad of render hit I could have done them more easily and a lot better with SPD. Maybe on the next foot.


Love every step of this (pun intended:)
Really - it makes me very inspired… and yes, a baby doll foot is essential for this collection I think. More! :bounce:


In that movie Belle de Jour there is a scene where Catherine Denueve’s character has sex with this really greasy looking young guy and he doesnt bother to take off his socks. One toe is poking through one of his socks. Very nasty… anyway that scene really stuck in my mind and is the inspiration for this model.


HAHA These are so cool soapy! you could do an image just of these! vfunny


I have to admit I took great pleasure in breaking the feet off this Fairy, Forest Elf? er well whatever damn creature wears these fruit boots. :slight_smile:


A test of some flooring possibilities. I am considering doing an interlocking stone and wood floor like this. It is a little more upscale than than the usual. There are a lot of feasibility issues to work out, with scale, texture, etc. Or it might even be a tabletop scene for a change.


Great idea for the interlocking mats… the scale als here (scale and dimension) now make sence to giving a puppet dimension at your objects… can be casual, but I find it very interesting :wip:


I agree totally with Julien - this scale really makes those feet look like parts of puppets now.
The Elf feet are hilarious!
How about some teddy bear feet? :twisted: