Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


@#**!! awesome soapy!! what a great spocky doll. these are all coming together beautifiully.love the hands and body and the face is a crackup!!


Sounds very cool - and a good idea to have something sticking out like that.
Oh, and the Spock doll is absolutely cute :smiley:
Can’t wait for the rest!


any updates coming our way soapy…pretty please?


I really enjoy your toys, though still not knowing what your concept is… Mr Spock is too cute:thumbsup: . Some updates, please?!:bounce:



I have been feeling under the weather the past couple weeks. But I do have an update and will try and post it tonight.

As for my theme, it is about the ‘arrival of the princess’; a brand new high-tech toy of the future floating in above the antique toys of days past. She is the spectacular brand new high tech wonder… solar powered, lightweight poly-composite psuedo metal tintanium endo skeleton and ectomorphic ultra pliable electrostatic skin. With AI powered by a nano zeus u-7 processor capable of an incredible 385 gigaflops. Her personality is roughly equivalent to a 3 year old child. She is happy and bouyant in disposition. In good weather she can stay aloft indefinitely during daylight hours and has the onboard guidance and navigation programming to execute delicate and sophisticated aerial maneuvers.


sounds like every home should have one, they’d just need a bigger house! love the theme soapy-very nice. great to see you’re back on the job!


Ain’t that the truth! Both of my kids toyboxes are full of toys that are missing appendages. Perhaps I should start to worry … :wink:


A little test showing what the clouds will look like. I still have to model the thing you blow the air into.


Love that cloud, Soapy! Looks like one of them cloth hangers - very cool.
I’m getting more and more cusious about how the comp will look like with all these goodies… any thoughts yet? The princess theme is very interesting.
Keep bringing this hilarious work further! :bounce:


cool cloud soapy- I love the hanger contraption too.


Hmmm There’s that clear plastic fetish again…

I thought it was gonna be a submarine from the thumb… Nice one Soapy:thumbsup:


They call that thing a snap swivel they use them for fishing and for kites. I am pretty happy with how it came out too, fairly realistic…

It is an alien condom. You gotta use the transporter beam to get it on.

Hey Gunilla thanks , yeah I have an idea of how it might look, I just havent done a sketch yet. I dont think I am going to bother with an overall sketch this time around.


Wow, just saw your entry. Your work looks amazing, the shading in that cloud is lovely! The manson toy is funny, it’s so him! I like the tin toys better than the vinyl ones. What is your final scene composition going to look like?


that cloud is beautiful. really great lighting and render.

i gotta be honest and say i’m not exactly sure where you’re going with this piece, but the individual elements are looking really nice.

looking forward to the final.



hahaha alien condom… :scream: man that’s rock ! haha…
:wip: you are doing a crazy work, love it… I will see othe rup-dates !


Should make an interesting piece :slight_smile:


Now I finally know what you are going to do with all your wonderful toys and I really like your idea:thumbsup: . I hope you find some time for an update, I’m curious to see how all comes together!



So, are you hammering away on something new to thrill us with?

It’s about time we got some updates now - I’m just so curious :wavey:


Some foot models I have been working on. I need to make more too.


I havn’t decided where this one is going yet. heheh. Could be a hard left turn ahead.