Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


nice sketch soap- bring on the little bugger!!


Hey Jim, I´ve always been surprised by the effect of making a good model look like a toy, but yours are actually miniatures!.
Very well done.


Start of the big boy model. The purple people eater is included to show scale. This guy is big… in fact he may go a touch bigger. I haven’t really decided what details to include in this model yet. Or how the joints will fit together. Any ideas?


Maybe made out of cloth and stitched together, or even made from patches of leather and rivets. Great character again Soapy, he will fit in well with the others. Also a transparent coloured plastic half filled with liquid would be cool. The great thing about your thread is that anything goes, its what makes me want to come back for more. Keep up the great work.


hey soapy- you’re a genius at these crazy/ cute characters- they’re just fantastic!!
love the new guy, and the scale is hilarious!


That purple people eater is too much, I smile every time I see it. I can only imagine what you have planned for him.


Hmm I like the idea but I am pretty lazy. I will see what I can come up with.

This image should be pretty tame, maybe later Purps might become a perp. :wink:

Thanks Shakes, yeah he is so big and so slow his whole bottom third will be tagged up with graffitti.


Oh btw, the new character modeling idea deadline for voting has passed. There was a tie for first place so I called in a panel of expert judges. They have determined Mr Spock the winner. So I will start modeling Spock shortly.

There is probably a lesson in all this…


lookin forward to spocky soaps!!


A logical choice Soapy, Lol


I am building a sort of underwater/flying creature toy. Here are some tests for the fins. I wanted to see if I could build some nice flowing diaphanous fins. The curves are all about bones.


Beautiful shapes for the fins! They look a bit like a whole new style - but I suppose it will come together fine. Looking forward too se the whole scen now :thumbsup:


I have never really worried all that much about whether the toys match each other or not. If you look in any kids toy box you will find all different styles. But you are right this one is way out there. I was thinking of it as a sort of futuristic high tech toy. To suit that ‘future history’ thing they mentioned in the mission. If all goes well she will be flying in above the other toys. The upper half will all be all new age and shiny and the bottom portion antique. Antique as in anything from now backwards. That is the plan today, could change. :slight_smile:


wow great render mate… i love the texturing… and have nothing to crit :thumbsup:


all your toys are just perfect… :applause: funny and welldone…
are you gonna put some stuffed ones into that gang too?


Aaaahhh honourable soapy pulls out another minor masterpiece to add to his collection:thumbsup:

Love the fins mate;) especially the teardrop details… Keep Rokkin:buttrock:


hey soap- just beautiful!! i love the way it’s going to be lots of variety. love the way you’ve done the shaders-would make a fantastic robot bat wing!!


hei soapy dem fine progress! like the underwater toy…and the material is pretty nice!
cheers mate!


Mr Spock to the rescue!

As promised here is the mister Spock doll. He came together really fast.


Spock rocks, unmistakeable, just needs a tri-quater, Lol. Great progress Soapy