Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


You’ve got a funny style man, will come back to see more:) . Thanks for your support!


Aah, the concept is to have no concept:twisted: ! As long as it is so amusing and entertaining to follow a thread with no straight concept I have nothing to say against it:) . I like the gremlin. By the way, you know this Marsupilami figure…:bounce: ?



hey soapy!!:thumbsup: Nice style man, very interesting. Only one thing about the gremlin guy, I think the eyes are not looking like a toy eye, they´re too real for a toy :slight_smile: see you!!


WHo needs a concept! :wink: I went and looked at Marsupilami? Do you want me to add him to the vote?

Oh well, I guess it is easy to work backwards…

Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

I think I am going to make some changes with the gremlin guy, I cut some corners so I want to go back and fix him up. I am not too happy with him to tell the truth but I think he will be ok for a minor player in the background somewhere.


Well, some influential philosophers would say that having no clear concept is really a concept in itself :smiley:

Whatever you come up with, soapy, I’m sure it will be spectacular! :thumbsup:



:wip: just what you do here is so cool continue like that, like Anders say it will be for sure spectacular


eagerly awaiting more soapy!!


More work on texturing this guy. I tried out a little displacement on the yellow parts and changed the colours around. Also did some fixes on the modeling, better toenails and fingernails. And installed a few bones in the arms.


Nice one Soapy, black antenae might work better in the specular vinyl material, just a suggestion. Cool update.


Wonderful rubbertexture! You’re doing great, keep going like this!


love the new colours and textures soap. the bump map looks really good.


Dare I say that little winged alien guy looks … brace yourself … cute. GASP!

There, I said it and I’m not f-ing sorry.


Thats a good idea, I will try something different on the antennae.

Actually it is a displacement map, but I am thinking it might as well be a bump instead. Depending on how far this guy is from the camera it would save a lot of render time to switch the map to bump. At first it stuck up a lot more but I dropped it down and the displacement doesnt show much now.

I know, hahah. I tried really hard to make a cute one, it is foreign territory for me. I will try some more cute ones later but I can’t garrantee success.

Thanks everyone for the support.


Hey soaps, nice one mate:thumbsup: The bump map has worked wonders and the toes look great


who’d have thought the day would come when we look at soapy’s work and say " awww,
ain’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!" heh heh


Hey Jim, nice work here mate! keep up the great work:thumbsup:



The added details and the displacement for your gremlin are working great!:thumbsup:
I’m looking out for updates now. Oh, and: yes, please put the Marsupilami to your vote list.:slight_smile:



This keeps looking very funnnnn :slight_smile:


I am going to try and model this guy this weekend. Hopefull I can capture the spirit of the sketch.


Hahaah… I knew that this thread was gonna keep getting wierder and wierder… and wierder… It’s great having you 'round here Soapy:buttrock: