Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


Thanks for all the support peeps.

Do you mean the eyeball or the lids? There are a couple of points I could pull back to round out the eyeball. The head and eyeball and teeth are all one mesh I think it helps give it that vinyl look. I am not super fussy, hell its a rubber toy, but I will fix it. edit --> (ok fixed now)

Yeah I burned up my saturday, but I enjoyed it. Then sunday mapped out the textures in a couple hours. It is probably the fastest I have put together a model like this. I guess the speed modeling sessions on renderosity helped.

I had lots of inspiration for this little guy. Saturday morning my son and I listened to the song that inspired this model about 30 times. It was a big hit in the 1950’s, it sold 3 million albums and something like 100 million singles or some such craziness. If this song gets in your head it will rot yer brain.

Still dont know this guy? more hints later.


er…“puff the magic dragon” perhaps?!


Ah no, but if you like I can put Puff down as one of your votes…

Shakes knows where the purple guy comes from, I told him in email, and he is teasing me now. However it is not a bad hint, but if the kid wants to hear the Puff the magic dragon song on my computer he is dreamin… that other song is bad enough.

Get your votes in for tin toys and vinyl for me to model…
Some of the suggestions already made I really like a lot and will try and build out in addition to the vote winning suggestions.


I just noticed I was missing on the fun here.
That’s really humourous work.

Good luck to you :slight_smile:


It was a big hit in the 1950’s, it sold 3 million albums and something like 100 million singles or some such craziness. If this song gets in your head it will rot yer brain.

Ah come on - you can’t do this… You have to say what song it is!
Could it be - Que sera, sera? With the toy beeing Doris Day? You see - you have to spare me from thoughts like this! :slight_smile:


Funny idea with the toys, I really like your little alien and his presentation. But I’m now really, really curious of your concept??? :bounce: If you want to keep it as a secret for a while, I can wait…meanwhile if we can make a proposal for the toys: How about a little Elvis?



Do the words “It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater.” sound familiar? I dunno if that song made it to sweden or not.

OK tommorow sometime I will talk about the concept. Meanwhile I put your vote for Elvis into the list.

Thanks Spin and everyone else for the nice compliments.


The second try at a vinyl figure. comments? suggestions? I was thinking maybe a belt at the waist. To give the impression the main body part is clothing, like a shorty wet suit or something.


I like it Soapy, the only thing that bothers me a bit is the forehead above the eyebrows seems a bit odd, try bringing it out a bit more by the bridge of the nose. Keep up the great work, i’m really enjoying your thread.


No, never heard until now ( found it on the web) … unfortunately - collecting silly songs is one of my favourite hobbies. I can understand how the lyrics affected you - very inspiring! :scream:

About your last figure - I think giving him a belt could be good, a belt with a big buckle as the dwarfs have in “Snowwhite” Keep bringing us goodies like this!


Hello soapy, you models get funny and funny every time I see your thread… great job mate.


Hey soapy… With all due respect… You’re wierd…:wink:

Another finely bent character mate, my suggestions would be tighten up the ‘v’ around his neckline for the seam of his clothes, exaggerate the joins you’ve made just slightly more, and give them all equal bevels and maybe emboss a small logo on his chest… I think he’d like some lips to match his eyes too;)

Keep em coming mate:thumbsup:



Yes, I think I will try on a belt, I keep thinking of this guy as an alien powerlifter.

The lips are an easy fix. The neckline will be a bit trickier, my polys on this model dont flow very well, but I think something can be done in paint to put in the neckline thing. I am not sure what you mean about the joints, but I will look into it. A chest logo sounds good, Maybe I can fit something twirly like his antennae.


I like the new creature :slight_smile:
Also the raven update and Marylin’s cameo.
It could become almost like a Goth toy party?

I vote for Blair and Bush, Uncle Sam, and maybe Osama(?) Paris or Pammy(?)
and Godzilla or Puff! Pac Man or Sonic (?)

This looks like a fun light hearted theme.


Hey soapy- you’re rolling out some awesome new characters! love this one-those rotating arms rock! such a distinctive style. keep that production line coming!


So as promised a little about the concept: For Spectacular my basic plan is simply building a toy scene with lots of models. I don’t have a super duper concept yet. But I have a couple of ideas.

My first idea was to do a sort of 'SPECTACULAR 50 ft. WOMAN" scene with a large central female robot and lots of others all gathered around in a carnival setting.

The second is along the same lines but with more of a Burning man type spectacle freakshow spectacular feeling to it.

There is one other even more nebulous idea I that is about just having a whole bunch of spectacular things going on. A spectacular collection of toys? heheh.

Since I dont have a strong idea yet, I am mostly just going to try and have fun and work through the process. I like to start with the seed of an idea and work along with it and see how it develops. Often I find that if I start out with a rigid set plan and work strictly towards it the image fails. But often the secondary ideas or ideas that spawn out of it along the way work out nicely. So I am mostly flying by the seat of my pants at the moment. Making models and fooling around is my primary concern, winning is secondary and pretty much a long shot in any case. But you never know…

Some specific ideas I am hoping to include are a new stone tile floor and inflatable plastic clouds. But both will require some careful modeling to be successful, so we shall see. Also I was thinking a star-field background in behind all the action.

cheers soap


hey soap, they’re both good ideas…tough to pick. I like the 5o ft female robot, but the burning man freakshow would really suit you. could you combine both? maybe have the freakshow as the main concept, and throw in the girl bot as one of the characters?
maybe hovering in the background…?


I think the burning man idea is great Soapy, you could turn it into an early 90’s rave scene with lots of crazy toys being very pagan and going nuts.


A little update on the gremlin guy. Fixed some problems, added a belt and mapped him out. I am thinking he will get some more modifications and lots of texture work.


classic stuff soapy! i really love the distorted hunched way you’ve done his arms/shoulders. those eyes look great