Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


gosh you’re going to be busy soapy!! are you going to use a few basic meshes for the characters and modify them , or each one individually?

here’s my faves, some of yours plus a few of mine

moby dick
elvis(fat version)
michael jackson
george w
usama bin laden?

such a great idea !


I wasn’t quite sure whether to build an add on for the jaw or build it in. So I went build in, I the polys are folding funny there I will work on it. Or maybe I will build a seperate jaw. Plus I have to build the fin er flipper? and arms for Ahab.

I will probably recycle some of the meshes once I build them out. But some will probably get fresh starts depending on how unique they are. Plus I think there is going to be a mix of different kinds of toys so that will mean starting from scratch.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Some of those character suggestions are cracking me up.


just looking at moby/ahab again- love the way you’ve done them, particularly ahab’s pegleg and face!


Fantastic Soapy


I took a rest from tin toys today and decided to model a vinyl creature toy. It is modeled in parts with bones in the wings.

Can anyone guess who it is?


hmmm…I’m stumped, soapy. can’t guess. it’s sure cute though…bit of a change of genre for you?!!


Not really, anything can be co-opted in Billys basement art-gasm. In the past the limiting factor was my modeling ability but I am getting a little better all the time. Plus I am not all that good at designing cutsy models but today I was struck by devine inspiration. Couldn’t get it out of my head actually…


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I was also inspired by all the great ghoul toys you have been making lately Shakes.


awww…gee thanks soap- an honour!


I guess DaddyMack maybe right about whale. What about all the rest… Cool, real cool.



That vinyl creature toy is brilliant! Can’t guess who it is though…



Pretty much finished the texture for this guy. I thought I would include the sketch and a wire. Sorry about the bad quality on the sketch my scanner is down and dont have decent lights for my camera.
I hate purple but it has to stay and his texture should have short shorts but I like him without.


i like ur style …:thumbsup: …good luck


hey soapy, that looks awesome! the colour is great, I wouldn’t change it. you’ve nailed that plastic look. I love the little pock marks.


haha - I love that new toy - and the way it present itself to us, awesome work as usual:thumbsup:


:wip: like shakes i like the color too… very cool and great figure here :thumbsup:


Lol, you got that vinyl look just right Soapy, great character.


Really funny stuff

Good luck:thumbsup:


Your latest character is a riot soapy… Keep em coming mate:thumbsup:

If I may tho, I’d suggest tweekin the corners of his eye… unless they’re meant to protrude like that;)


hi soapy as stylish as ever! and pretty fast progression of modeling man!:thumbsup: you must be thoroughly enjoying this! have fun mate!