Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


Definitely a Marilyn :slight_smile:



unique concept! and those are some cool style models!:thumbsup:
i’ll put my bet on manson too!


:buttrock: yeah rock and roll baby… :smiley:

but around eye I would see a more darker blue… no ?


Yep it is supposed to be Marilyn Manson. I made a different marilyn manson doll in the past and it sucked too. Maybe once I re-paint this one it will look a little better. Hey JDDog you are right about the eyes, well depending which picture you look at, but I will fix that. Plus I think I will make the white skin slightly pinker and I lengthened his nose.

I was thinking the model should be more menacing and kool but the silly toylike qualities are growing on me. Onto building the body.


looking superb soapy- really good turning the bird into a raven- much more creepy.
marilyn manson …such a great subject- he’s a comic icon! his face looks great so far.


Further progress on the Marilyn Manson tin toy, wind him up and watch him rail against the machine!

It needs more texture work and some doo-dads added.


Excellent :applause: you did a extraordinary pupett here ! I love it !
Hey James why didn’t made Alice Cooper too ? That can be a wonderful couple !



fantastic soapy- love how you’ve suburbanised and shortened the antichrist…is it a cardigan?


yeahh, shake it… :wip: baby


Very funny work soapy, I like your idea very much… good luck.


Fantastic start Soapy, i like the clockwork element.


Ok, I was thinking I should have an audience participatory element in this project, so if anyone wants to suggest any celebs, famous personages or any other things to be made into toys please post. Post as many and as wacky of ideas as you like. I am going to try and model the top 3 or so most popular suggestions.

For instance, my own tentative to do list at the moment contains:

dancing Skull
race car driving bear
Terminator (the Arnie one)
John Wayne Gacy
Moby Dick, with the Ahab ride along.
Adolf Hitler
50 foot woman


like I told you Mary(lin)popins with Alice Cooper for sure will be the bad rock dudes :buttrock: and why not Malcolm X … a strong contrast between personality and culture…


I think Prins Charles and Camilla could be a pleasant addition.

You have an idea for the scenery yet?


Kenny out of Southpark


I should mention that you can vote for as many characters as you want and vote as often as you want, but only one vote per celebrity/idea. Lists are welcome. I will prolly take a tally around the end of this month, and start the modeling on the top pick at that time. Meanwhile I have lots to keep me busy.

Right now it is a 4 way tie for the lead, hahah. I will throw down some swing votes if the voting remains this sparse. I get one vote too. Right now I am praying that a gaggle of Donny Osmond fans do not flock in here… :slight_smile:


Ok Soapy here’s a few… Steven Hawikins, Ghandi, The Red Barron + Triplane, Spock (leonard Nimoy), Freud, and any of the UmpaLumpas as long as they don’t sing.


Moby Dick tin toy. Push down on his tail to make him rock back and forth and watch Ahab’s head and limbs loll back and forth…

I guess Moby will need more detail to make the scale feel right?


Hi Soapy, looking unique and great as always my friend! I’m a little suss on the mouth corner of the whale but understand it might be a style choice…

Btw add my votes for
Kenny, Arnie, Michael Jackson (with bubbles in tow), TAFKAP, Krusty, Shrek, Osama and George Dubya, QE2, Thatcher, Di, Jolie, Thurman (in yellow catsuit from Killbill2), [size=2]Janet…

Top of my list would be [/size]Thurman (in yellow catsuit from Killbill2)

[size=2]Good luck Jim, I always find your work refreshing and thoroughly original (bent!) :thumbsup:


Hey Soapy!

Looking good man! - best of luck - I am looking forward to how your entry develops! :thumbsup: