Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


I already said this but… Wonderful Jim, just wonderful. Congratulations.


That marylin manson definetly got my atention :slight_smile: the main character is really pleasent :slight_smile:
Good luck man


Hehe nice to see your werk is still better & better… And Long Life to MODernArT. Best Regards tan


Hey thanks everybody! It was a pleasure to participate with such a fun group of people.

Hey Tan it is good to see you on cgtalk, make sure you poke around the 2d areas. There is some great talent here, I bet you will find some inspiration.

Cheers, Soapy


Great work! Congrats!


Just a little note to let the faithfull know that a new soapy image is on the way. It is built around this group of models from my Spectacular entry. It will be totally mental so hopefully it will be worth a laugh/cry. When it is complete I will post a link here for you guys.

Cheers, Soap.


Sounds good, soaps!

It will be totally mental

I wouldn’t expect anything less :smiley:



that’s very good news soapy.always look forward to new mentalness from you!


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