Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


hey soapy, loving it! fantastic characters. one thing I noticed- the little guy on the brick is a similarish colour to the brick- he might stand out more if the stone were a slightly different shade


Hahah, I am happy it is coming off as a light and funny picture. Wait till you hear my heavy interpretation…

Godd idea, I will hammer that stone texture in photoshop. The problem is not so noticeable at high res but it would be better a beige sandstone colour anyways.

When I first put all the models in the scene and rendered I was a bit put off by how it looked, I was like ‘huh wha huh?’. Everything sat where I had envisioned it but it wasnt really what I expected. But I have warmed up to it a lot since. It is sort of serene and I thought it was going to be melodramatic. But I like it this way, it flys in under the radar.

It is funny but sometimes for me after some time has passed I start to feel a disconnect from my work. A sort of detachment from it like as if someone else had made it. It has only been a month or so but I already get that feeling, like where the hell did that purple guy come from? He was born in a moment of inspiration that is distant and now he feels a little alien to me. And I am really starting to hate that yellow guy. Kind of like seeing a 20 year old painting and thinking ‘Jeez did I really paint that?’ Just a small observation, I am not losing my mind or anything.


that’d be Satan himself doing it , I’m sure, soapy!!


hmmm. but I´m loosing it… :stuck_out_tongue: naaa… just try to figure out your story… this thread is a powerboost to my imagination… :bounce: go, soapy go… :wip:


Jim what a supa up-date here I love it !

Take a look at Carles Piles tutorial :wink: you will reach an excelent result without radiosity…
I really like the image… a personal feeling… the blur is not a little bit strong…
I like it… just a small (and late -for me-) comment!

(Carles pile resurces)


droppin’ mad styles on that crazy toy ! very funny soap’! this is an original amazing one!


Haha, loving it! And can’t help but wondering who this collection belongs too - really makes my mind go wandering. And the level of DoF is just fine, I think.
Can relate to that disconnected experience too - for me it’s probably related to how deeply involved I got with a project. The more obsessed I am when doing it, the more shocking is the waking up.

Oh, and it looks like you’re going to make this in good time too - congrats!


A little close at full res to showing the recent work on Biggy and the floor.


Jddog, I think radiosity is out of the question this time the renders are currently taking 6.5 hours versus 9 minutes for regualer renders, haha. I am going to work on the lighting and have already made adjustments to the DOF.

Gunilla, the collection belongs to Billy, you can see some of his other collections here:
soapy on rendo

Jaba, thanks the graffiti was fun to make.


awesome closeup soap. LOOOVE the detail. those tags are fantastic!! you should post a big closeup of all the tags


Hey Jim, how’s that renders going. Hurry up mate, I’m anxious to see that funny work finished.


Still grinding away here. This is the latest arrangement of models. Sometimes it just happens that I get comfortable with a scene setup. So I doubt I will change the camera angle or the lighting too much. But the models may move around a bit. I added a second lure, dunno if I will keep it or not.

Any ideas?


Hey - what a freaky collection, you really have developed a unique style and subject matter there. I was going to say “really nice” but nice just isn’t the right word here :smiley:

The closeup is fantastic, if you have time post more :buttrock:


Hey thanks for the tag Soapy, i’m honered . It’s been a great thread to follow, your style is so unique which is a rare thing to see these days. Looking forward to the final image


what a great collection! you should seriously send your work to Juxtapoz magazine Soap-
even though they focus on 2d art, I’m sure they would love it. I really like the little red army in the background- you could even have more! you know best though. LOVE your work!


Getting there. Anybody have any suggestions or reservations?


What are they doing? Are they getting ready for party??? ahaha. :thumbsup: Cool work


Somehow this reminds me of Worms…hmmh? Looks absolutely great, like the funny idea. Yep.


Everyone has been ganging up on me to have something in the foreground and wifey came up with the idea of moving bones and the crow up front. So how do you like the avian flu version?


i lile like the concept…bringing bird flu in! ties in great with the start of your thread with the metal toys! should it be on it’s legs scaring them…on it’s own in the middle?
or maybe you want spockie tackling like you have. good one soap