Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


you rock soappy! so sweet putting everyone’s names as tags! what a great idea! he looks fantastic, and the pills are very cool- I like the skull!!


Ah! The new skintone is superb! It looks a bit as if someone has cleaned away a previous set of tags just to see the clean surface damaged again (like on the houses in my neighbourhood). I think you should continue this after the challenge - your thread is wildly addictive and you could probably go on for years … never revealing the complete picture :slight_smile:
Good idea?

What are the pills for anyway?


Hey you cinema users check out this weird render artifact, the edges on the reflective surfaces are turning pink. There is no pink in my scene. Does anybody know what is causing this?


Dont know, but I would not fear to photoshop it to oblivion…!:wip:


My videocard will occasionally render edges of reflections with that same pinkish purple. For me, restarting the program and/or computer always fixes the problem. Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions guys, I managed to figure out the problem. A big model in behind that stuff was wreaking havoc on the reflection for some reason. I worked around it by using a compositing tag to exclude the big model from rays. Pretty flukey I figured it out actually.
thanks anyways.


go soapy go! go soapy go! :bounce: :buttrock: :wip:


I got 11 notifications of your reply … I digress … you’re a super sleuth. Good trouble shooting there.


tags are excellent Jim ! But now is time to speed up Jim… be careful to don’t load via ftp at very last moment you image or you will have some trouble…

Time to rock pretty hard now !


Its gonna be a great image Soapy. You’ve kept us guessing all the way


Hahah, yeah I built a special mailbox that gets all the cgtalk messages.

Lots of time…! :wink:

Oh Jeez, now you are putting the pressure on.

Well I have assembled all the elements into the scene and rendered it a couple of times. I am getting an out of memory message, when I try to use DOF at full res. So now I am working around that problem. The DOF is pretty important to this image so I need to get that one solved. But otherwise all is well. I just have to find the final arrangement of the players and do a little texture painting. Oh and lighting. Oh and final compositing and editing. Ok maybe I am worried. hahah. Renders at full res are running about 10 minutes long at the moment, but still I highly doubt I will be using radiosity but I might take a quick look into that too.


Maybe it’s not a good solution for you, but have you tried applying the DoF in Photoshop with lensblur on the Z channel? That’s how I did it since I couldn’t stand the rendertimes for making it in Max. Works rather well I think. Perhaps it could work for you too?

I just want you to have more time to produce the remaining feet :scream: :thumbsup:


Yep thats an option Gunilla, but I am having a little trouble controlling the DOF in the multipass rendering to get the alpha channel for photoshop. I will keep fiddling and see if I can make it work.


Ok I got the multipass render with the depth channel working nicely. Does anyone have any suggestions for how best to use it in photoshop. I am afraid I am not very expert in that. I’ve done it a couple times with less than perfect results. :-/


I’m certainly no expert - but, you need to have Photoshop CS or above, and then place the depth render ( I don’t know how it works in your app, but I got it as a separate greyscale image) as a new alpha channel for your full render. Then use Blur - lens blur and adjust the settings to your liking.
I think Antropus did an explanation in his thread the last challenge for how to do it, you might wanna check it out.

Good luck :thumbsup:


Just load the rendered Depth layer in a Photoshop alpha channel (don’t have to be CS) and load it as a selection. Now play with the various Blur types (lens blur is CS only, I think). I use a plugin called Lenscare for this, which is excellent but pricey (was much cheaper when I got it). Another Photoshop plugin I’ve heard a lot of good things about is Depth of Field Generator.



Thanks guys those suggestions were helpfull, it took me a while to get my head around how to get the alpha mask into the right place in photoshop, even though I’ve done it before. I like the blur that cinema does believe it or not and so I came up with workaround. I managed to get DOF working at half of full res so I upscale that in p-shop and use it with my alpha and original full size multilayer render. It works fine plus you get this kinda trippy blur not blur effect if you want and of course it can be combined with photoshop blurs. Unfortunately I dont have CS so I will have to make do the best I can.

Things are looking up.


Good thing you got it solved! There’s nothing can stop those little critters from arranging themself into a splendid comp - good luck :thumbsup:


Well I decided to let the cat out of the bag early, I didnt want too much suspense built up over such a mellow picture. The final image will look something like this. The models will probabaly be shifted around a lot and the lighting too. Plus I have some texturing work to do. I am not too crazy about the radiosity but we will see. 3 days 7hours 23 min 11 sec…


looks like they divide the saturdaycandy… pills and feets… :stuck_out_tongue: haha… a funny one…