Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


go for it soapy!! these trekkies are looking really cool!


Hey thanks peeps. I really enjoyed making the trekkies. It was really easy to adapt them all from the base mesh and texture. Did anybody have any trouble recognizing who was who? I did mostly everyone except Uhura, oh well, she never goes down to the surface anyway… Plus she would require a whole new mesh. :slight_smile:


Just getting started out making the texture for Biggy. More to come.

Q: How big and lazy is he?

A: The homies tagged his ass.


I was there… :thumbsup: haha… I left my mark…
the Biggy looks great, a really good plastic look:bounce:and lazy…


nice tagging soapy!! what a classic.


Ahaha! The trekkies are just fab, and the big guy … :cry: as shakes says, a real classic!
And my name is on … what an honour! :smiley:

At this point, I’ve absolutely no clue as where this is going - which makes it even more fun to follow. Waiting for your next move :thumbsup:


Great updates Soapy, the big guy is definately my fave character. Maybe could use a bit of fly posting.


LOL at Biggy :thumbsup:


It occurred to me the scene could use some pills, so here they are.

Any ideas for logos or pills, real or otherwise?


Hey Jim,

hehe, just love your Trekkies and especially the Biggy:thumbsup: …and now pills…no idea where you are going:rolleyes: …but still watching and having a lot of fun!:slight_smile:



Of course the scene needs pills! Here are some suggested logos to go on them:


nice work on the pills soapy…and I like your suggestions Gunilla! that monk is a beauty

how bout: crazy rabbit or playboy bunny head
rolls royce logo
mad dog



I didn’t know you were a graffiti artist. The first name I saw on it was Gunilla and then I noticed my tag. Audible laughter ensued.


Ok, that is enough pills. hahah That was fun but I think I might go for more conventional markings in the end and stay with a more realistic look on the pills. Haven’t decided yet.


I am glad everyone is enjoying my little project. Hopefully you aren’t building up too much of an expectation about it, it is just going to be pretty straight up arrangment of all the elements you have seen thus far. Just a bunch of stuff laid out on a floor. Thats about it, nothing spectacular… Oh damn. Well yeah it will be spectacular, but in a sort of smooth cerebral way. Uhm, whatever. Oh and in spite of all the cute models this one has a dark underbelly, the soapy faithfull won’t de disappointed. Of course it will all be laid out in cryptic semiology but there will be a story to clear the mud and mud the clear. Cheers.


I have no doubt that this will be classic soapy and thus per definition spectacular (although, like you say, in a more cerebral way)!

The homies tagged his ass

Man, that cracked me up… :smiley:



holy s… with the apple one we would see some G5 already with intep cpu ? :smiley:
:wip: lol go Jim… everything looks amazing, I think the grand final wirl seriously rock !


A little update on the Biggy texture. What do you think of the fleshtone? More tagging and under-painting to come.


I like that plastic skintone… :slight_smile:
and it goes well with my tagg… :buttrock: ha ha


Hehe, I also like the skintone and the graffiti!:applause: But will we ever see the whole scene…is there a scene at all…ahh, suspense is killing me…:argh: