Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


I haven´t done anything, but still I feel a bit quilty :shrug: when I see how the purple guy points like that… haha
and… I wanna know now! what the story is… :bounce: at once! please :stuck_out_tongue: me? gnag naaa… :blush:


The concrete block of destiny.


Ha! You will keep us thrembling with anticipation til the last second!
Well, I didn’t expect anything less … just carry on mate :thumbsup:

“The concrete block of destiny” … ahh, the curiousity kills me!


ha! that stone is a classic! love your quirky detais like the metal bracing poking out! very soapy.


That model is my idea of a north american version of the Stone of Destiny in Edinburgh castle. You know, the Scots got their stone back from those dastardly brits back in 1996. I was staying in the this B&B near Edinburgh and got an hour dissertation on the whole history of the stone from the proprietor. He insisted I take note of the stone when I went to the castle. After we left the room with the jewels and the stone I asked my lady how she liked the stone and she replied “What stone?” She had to go back and look again. “It is just an old rock?” hahah.

Anyway I thought I should make my own Mad Max style concrete chunk of destiny.


Still modeling, I decided to make up a lure for that clip. The plastic clouds are out at the moment.


A little better look at the lure.


Hey man your lure looks very reallistic, I could truly believe that it’s a real photo :slight_smile: awesome work man :smiley:


nice one soapy! you’re great with those little gadgets! lotta work in that little lure. I like the hook and the fastener.


Hey thanks, and sometimes it can be a problem when some parts are very realistic and don’t match up with the rest of the elements. I guess I will try and work hard to bring the rest of the models and textures up to the level of the lure.

Shakes was having just opposite problem with his Elvis image where the food he made felt too realistic and he was worried it didn’t fit with his cartoon style.

Yep, I learned some new things making this thing. It took me half an hour of fiddling to realize I didnt have to model the spline for the keyrings that hold the lure on, a helix spline was the answer, DOH. Plus I am getting better at reducing the poly counts of sweep nurbs. One thing you can’t really see in these renders is the texture for the lure has an alpha and underneath is a metal texture so the scratches and the backside of the lure are shiny metal. Maybe it will show up at high resolution. Or I could make bigger scratches.

I think my subconscious must have zeroed in on Elvis’s shorts for that lure colour. hahah. Actually I was thinking leopard colours so I might change my lure to brown and orange? Er brown and black? Or not.


haha- I’d be honoured! meant to say before, I did notice the lovely texture you made for the lure-i could see those scratches-nice work!


Hey Jim,

Just read through your thread, interesting collection of models that all look well done.:applause: Don’t know where this is going but I did like the princess idea. Keep modeling those feet and good luck.


:applause: the stone is perfect… everything come out in a fantastic, spectacular, crazy way… :bounce: but where did you will finish…? I’m very curious… I really like your work Jim :wip:



you just lure me into your thread :stuck_out_tongue:
and like the story you have… hope to see the whole scene soon… :bounce:


Looking tops!


Nice concept… :thumbsup: (surprised)


The BEeN-DOne Trekkies are all finished and ready for service.

Please bear with me ladies and gents it is going to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride to the finish. But don’t worry, some solid soapy goodness is on the way. :slight_smile:


This is lol ahaha. Keep it up thats cool. Can’t find your concept idea…anyway that will be the final surprise:cool: .


LOL, yeah a few people took the bait. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the posts everyone. I promise you I do have a concept, I even wrote it down. I did not have a good concept for a long time, at least one that made me happy, but now I do.

Right now I am actually pretty close to being done the leg work portion of the image. The one remaining big bit of work I have to do is paint a texture for the big boy model. It is pretty fussy so I am a bit worried. Then it is mostly tweaking textures and the set up of the scene to do. Oh, plus I could use some more feet.


more? :eek: haha… you just pulling our legs here… :stuck_out_tongue: the “spocksgang”… the last update. looks good… are they on find-more-feet-mission? or searching after exploding stones? or just luring around the neibourhood?