Spectacular 3D Entry: Jim Heathcott


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Latest Update: Final Image: We Don’t Eat the Feet


Ohhhh, this is going to be fun!




:bounce: here we are again !


Yes! Excellent! :thumbsup:


:smiley: Indeed…
Great to see you here again mate;)
Good luck!


Hi Soapy


bring it on soapy!! can’t wait! :buttrock:


Well as usual I will be building a bunch of new toys for this scene. This time I am going to concentrate on tin toys. Which is a pretty good challenge in terms of getting the UV maps and the textures to look decent. I have one idea about a possible scene but I am going to save that for now and just concentrate on doing some models and textures. I will be doing a sketch later but for now I can tell you that this image will have a cast of thousands. Images to follow shortly.


I decided to start out easy after totally screwing up an attempt at building a robot. Simple model but pretty clean. Needs to have the symmetry sides fixed in place and then the edges worked.


Hi soapy, a typically bent model of yours:thumbsup: I love the feet mate…


A little test to see how the UV map works. The textures for these tin toys will make or break how they look so I will be pouring a lot of work into them.


agree with DaddyMack- love those feet! the tin toy idea is great fun soapy.


Yup - great idea :thumbsup: … cast of thousands - this will be spectacular for sure, keep going!


im likin this idea… very nice…


hi mate…good work…have good luck:)



I decided to convert the birdy model into a Raven. I am sort of thinking of going in a darker direction. But for now I will keep it open and just build a bunch of stuff.


unique concept, wonderful ! I have nothing to say in this moment, just watching what you do ! :beer:


Progression of a tin toy head. Early modeling, quick texture draw out, line art texture. I will probably go back in with bodypaint and rework some more. I am trying to learn vector drawing, but but I suck at it and getting the maps to play nice with the UVs is tricky.

Guess who?


Erm Manson i think but i don’t think its Charles.


Well… not Paris again, is it?