Spectacular 3D Entry: Jeremy Romanowski


Jeremy Romanowski is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Modeling: Head nearly complete.


Edit: I figured out how to “upload” images.


A preliminary character modeling milestone. Concept sketch will come when I have figured out the characters I want to use.


Edit: Unnecessary update :slight_smile:


Just some more views.


Wow OGRE EX, great job with that face, it’s really good! Good luck.


Another render, not sure why. >_< Just a small update.


This is just a better render, to make crits and comments easier. A couple things improved like the cheekbones, other than that, not much. I’ll try to get a big update soon. Sry for not much evolution of the character.


Head is nearly complete, might add some wrinkles to his forhead, maybe some scarring with the textures, and ears are the next thing.


This is really looking great! I think you have brought out a lot of character in this model which is not easy to do in 3d! The only things I would suggest is making the area above the upper lip not stick out so far and making the bulge under the right part of the eye not stick out so far. These are the only two things that stuck out to me as looking unnatural. keep up the good work though!


Yeah I agree with the “above the lip” area. I was working with a reference and his was the same as that, it extended quite a bit. I also think I need to make the eyelid a bit more asian looking, by taking the eyelid on the inner side of the eye and draging it over the bottom lid. Thanks for the crits; it’s a shame I’m not getting more… :c\


Alright, I completed the ear and VERY quickly attached it to the head… I have some cleaning up to do, but I have to do it when I get home from work… Enjoy and please crit… Also what kind of hair should I put on him?

Also, I DID move the “above the lip” area inward to make it more flat, and I removed some wrinkles/baggage under the eye. I agree with the crit, it looks much better that way. THX!


Alright it looks like the head is just about complete. Since the ear isn’t that visible in this render, I’ll post a seperate shot here:


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