Spectacular 3D Entry: Jason Nieuwendorp


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Latest Update: Modeling: modeling: girl’s body (near finished)


So… yeah. :rolleyes:

It didn’t turn out well for me last Challenge, but thankfully my schedule appears to by much better this semester. I’m still debating on entering the 2D Challenge as well, but I know I want to enter and finish a 3D entry.

Let the brainstorming begin. :twisted:


I wish you luck!!! :thumbsup:


I hope everything goes well for you this time.

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Hey Jason,

Good to see you here and good luck.


Best wishes for you finishing your 3d entry… and for sure; good luck Jason :thumbsup:


Okay, so here’s an idea I’ve been tossing back and forth for the last hour:

I’ve always thought that those first individuals who flew the skies into a new type of warfare must’ve felt a strange sense of awe and wonder admidst the fear and terror of fighting in the air.
I think I’d like to capture those feelings into an image.


ah grrrrreat to see you’re in as well! excited droppin by to wish you best luck and loadsa fun Jason! Enjoy the ride! :wip: :bounce: :beer:


Good luck:thumbsup:


A quick concept of the scene (if you consider 2 hours work “quick”)

EDIT: Lost most of my comments on the concept when I submitted (for some reason, I can’t upload an entry if there’s too much text… ) :shrug:

I want to mostly playing around with the viewer’s perspective and whatnot, just trying to get an idea of how the scene might look like. The plane was a quick model I did in LW, with the man being a former model I had created (I only used it in the sketch to get an idea on how the main pilot would appear to the viewer).

I can already tell that the most difficult part of this entry won’t be the modeling or texturing, but the enviroment and lighting of the scene.
Still, this’ll be an interesting challenge for me. :slight_smile:


hehe, the biggest challenge is making the image spectacular. I think you’ll need a bit more action in the scene, maybe bullets wizzing by the pilots head, a different perespective…just keep at it. Waiting for more updates.


ace: Yeah, right now the scene isn’t too dynamic. I didn’t bother with adding in flying bullets or damage because frankly, I don’t know how that would look in a real dogfight (looks like I’ll be watching the History Channel more than I already do :rolleyes: ).
Perhaps the perspective would also be better if it was closer to the main pilot’s perspective?


I imagined that in my above description, don’t know why i didn’t write it. There’s so many different things you can do with this scene to make it spectacular.


Hey Jason. Good luck with this challenge.


hi jason … thats a stomach flipping concept…but bullets fying around and fragments of planes will be a nice addition …:)!


yunisirees: As I said in a previous post, the reason why I didn’t include the bullets, etc. is cause I really didn’t know how that would look in an aerial battle.

I have been studying up on the subject since yesterday and will try to include those elements (or reasonable facsimiles of them :rolleyes: ) in the next scene concept, which I’ll work on when I get home tonight.


The hell angels :smiley:

I have to watch this. subscribe

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Hey Jason! Bi-planes and shooty stuff… hoorah!


Dude, that’s what I love about these challenges… they push us to, er… ‘challenge’ ourselves. I love trying stuff I’ve never done before, and these contests are a great way for fellow artists to help and encourage one another. I’m feelin’ dat, yo!:smiley:

Keep going with your concpet… I think it’s great (maybe play around with some composition variations to try and maximize the visual impact?). Good luck!



A second attempt at a concept sketch, I tried using a different perspective (one which is closer to the pilots POV) and some crappy, crappy sketching on my part. :wink:

As I said previously, the most difficult aspect of the final image will be it’s enviroment: the clouds, terrain (if any), and the lighting. Don’t quite know how I’ll accomplish those areas yet, but it’ll definately be be an interest “challenge” for sure.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to work on this during the weekend:
for my Intermediate Design class, I have to have about 300 logo concepts (100 logos minimum for 3 companies that I’ve choosen for my main Design projects) done by Monday. :argh: